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Elite Pedophiles Put On Notice As Trump Vows To End ‘Evil’ Human Trafficking

President Trump has announced a federal investigation into the elite pedophile scandal involving human trafficking on Tuesday and vowed to help put an end to the “barbaric type of exploitation.” Modern-day slavery and human trafficking are responsible for roughly 25

Child Molesting Cop Brought Teen To Jail, Forced Him To Masturbate As Fellow Cops Filmed It

A teen who was forced to masturbate in front of police officers while they recorded him, sued the officers for manufacturing child pornography. Alexandria, VA – A 17-year-old boy who was forced to masturbate in front of police officers after

Police Chief: UK Overrun With Pedophiles It’s ‘Worse Than Terrorism’

Authorities unable to tackle massive pedophilia problem in UK A British police chief in charge of the child protection unit warned that there are more than 20,000 pedophiles in the UK, more than the number of terrorist suspects according to

Pedophile Hunter Arrested After Vowing To Take Down Elite Pedophilia Ring

Police arrest vigilante who vowed to end child abuse networks A self-confessed pedophile hunter has been arrested by police after he vowed to take down an elite pedophilia ring. Rich Warner of Adelaide, Australia has become infamous on social media

PedoGate, Child Trafficking And MK Ultra

by Cathy O’Brien US Government sponsored and sanctioned child trafficking is what thrust me into MK Ultra mind control in the early 1960’s. It took a long time for awareness of this pervasive crime against humanity to come to light

Pedophile Priest With HIV Who Raped 30 Children, Found Crucified Outside Church

A pedophile priest, who was found guilty of raping 30 children while infected with HIV but forgiven by the Vatican, has been found dead outside his church.Earlier this year, Catholic priest Jose Garcia Ataulfo admitted to raping 30 young girls

Police Bust Amazon And Microsoft Child Sex Trafficking Ring

Police have bust a huge child sex trafficking ring operating out of Amazon and Microsoft headquarters in Seattle.  A recent Newsweek report discovered a batch of emails to brothels and pimps between 2014 and 2016 that document the purchasing of

Notorious Pedophile Found Disemboweled In Prison Cell After ‘Boasting’ Of Crimes

Convicted child abuser killed after telling other inmates about his crimes A notorious convicted pedophile has been found dead in his prison cell after being disemboweled by other inmates for “boasting” about his crimes. 28-year-old Mitchell Harrison was serving a

Planned Parenthood Director: ‘We Run Satanic Pedophile Ring’

A former Planned Parenthood director has admitted that the organization is really a front for a Satanic pedophile ring in which abortions are seen as ‘demonic rituals.’  In an interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation, Ramona Trevino revealed that

CNBC Director Arrested For Spying On Naked Teens

Veteran CNBC director Dan Switzen has been busted by police for hiding a spy camera in the bathroom of his home in order to spy on naked teenagers. The CNBC show director has been accused of spying on his teen

California Gov. Jerry Brown To Force Schools To Show Kids ‘Gay Sex’

California Governor Jerry Brown has mandated the use of gay pornography in elementary schools in order to teach children about LGBT sex. This makes California the first state in the union to not only use mandatory LGBT-inclusive textbooks in schools, but

Frank Sinatra Trafficked Underage Sex Slaves According To New FBI Files

Frank Sinatra went from saloon singer to Oscar winner and music industry icon – and for 54 years the FBI spied on Ol’ Blue Eyes, compiling a bulging 1,300-page case file on the troubled legend and his notorious associates. The

Breaking: Massive PedoGate Arrests At Disney World

Police have uncovered a huge pedophile ring at Disney World, Florida, with over 35 employees arrested for alleged child rape offences. The Disney employees include people from executives and top management, to a concierge, a tour guide, and a ticket

Bill Gates Faces Lawsuit For Forcing Staff To Watch Child Abuse

Microsoft staff were forced to view footage of abuse Microsoft staff were forced to view footage of children being raped and murdered, according to a lawsuit filed against Bill Gates. A new lawsuit is being filed against Microsoft founder Bill

Child Abuse Investigator: I Was Silenced To Protect Theresa May

A former Child Abuse Inquiry panel member, Sharon Evans, has made ground breaking revelations in a controversial interview claiming that the inquiry ” stifled” her concerns about the investigation so Theresa May could become Prime Minister. Sharon Evans is a

Pedophile Church Minister Guilty Of Disturbing Child Abuse With Needles

Facing prison for injecting children’s genitals posing as dr A church minister has pleaded guilty to multiple charges after he was caught posing as a doctor and injecting children as young as 13-years-old in the genitals after telling them they

‘Black Pope’ Pachon Resigns From Vatican After Child Abuse Charge

Jesuit Superior linked to child abuse rituals Catholic Jesuit Superior Adolfo Pachón has resigned from the Vatican office after being linked to a child sacrifice cult. The Spaniard was charged after several top Vatican officials were investigated for alleged links

Pedophile Hunter Arrested For Tracking Down & Beating Up Child Abusers

A man has been arrested after he was caught hunting down pedophiles, breaking into their homes, and beating them with a hammer. Jason Vukovich used the online government Sex Offenders Registry in Alaska to locate child rapists and others involved

Child Who Was Forced To ‘Sext’ Naked Pics Of Herself Faces 10 Years In Jail

Child created and distributed Child porn according to state laws A 14-year-old girl who sent her boyfriend naked photos she took of herself is facing up to 10 years in jail and being placed on the sex offenders register, according

Church Forgives Priest Who Admitted Raping 30 Young Girls Even Though He Knew He Was Infected With HIV

An HIV infected Catholic priest who was has admitted to raping close to 30 indigenous little girls will face no consequences for his actions as the Catholic Church has “absolved” him of any wrong doing.  The priest, Jose Garcia Ataulfo,