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Winston Churchill Was ‘Serial Pedophile’ Who Liked ‘Buggering Young Boys’

Winston Churchill was a prolific pedophile who enjoyed ‘buggering young boys,’ according to explosive diary entries.  Sir John Rupert “Jock” Colville, former British civil servant to Churchill, exposed the former wartime Prime Minister in a series of shocking diary extracts. Truth

Is the Mainstream Igniting Pedophilia with ‘Victoria Secret’-Style Lingerie Show Featuring 5 YO Girls?

It’s no secret, pedophilia has been a topic of conversation in a big way over the last year. With the rise of investigations into elite pedophile rings, including the popularization of PizzaGate, many have begun to ask questions about how

Putin To Send 3,650 Pedophiles Into Space ‘For Life’

Vladimir Putin has announced plans to send 3,650 of Russia’s worst pedophiles into space where they will be left to orbit the earth for the rest of eternity. They will be sent using Russia’s cheapest rockets, blasted out of Earth’s

Expert: Pedophiles Should Be Given ‘Child Sex Robots’ As Treatment

Says it’s “inevitable” sex predators will use them anyway A philosopher attending the Love and Sex Robots Conference in London says that pedophiles should be given “child sex bots” (CSBs) as a form of treatment. “A CSB – like any

Campaigner For ‘Pedophiles Rights’ Caught Raping Children Disguised As Priest

Virtuous pedo’ Justin Georges Stephen Coulombe arrested for child abuse A man who refers to himself as a “virtuous pedophile,” who “doesn’t harm children,” has been arrested on sexual assault and child pornography charges. Justin Georges Stephen Coulombe proudly refers

Child Rapist Gets No Jail Time As Father And Son Sentenced To Years For Selling A Plant

By Matt Agorist A convicted child rapist was just given a sentence of probation for repeatedly sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl. Jeff Calica pleaded guilty to a single count of lewd and lascivious behavior with a minor, but at his sentencing Monday,

#Sheknew Hashtag Accusing Meryl Streep Of Facilitating Pedophiles Goes VIRAL

Oscar winning actor is called out for facilitating Polanski and Weinstein Posters of Meryl Streep have begun to appear around Los Angeles as #SHEKNEW hashtag begins to trend asserting that actor facilitated the likes of pedophile Roman Polanski and rapist

Hollywood Producer Gary Goddard Accused Of Raping 8 Children

Top Hollywood producer Gary Goddard has been accused of rape by at least eight former child actors.   Following “ER” alum Anthony Edwards’ allegation that Goddard sexually assaulted him when he was just 12 years old, seven more from his Santa Barbara theater

Pope Francis: Exposing ‘Pedophile Priests’ Is A Grave Sin

The pontiff’s ferocious attack on independent media has begun Pope Francis has launched a ferocious attack on independent media warning it is a ‘grave sin’ to report pedophile priests without a ‘balance’ and unbiased’ approach. The Pope said ‘sensationalist’ news

Cardinal Bernard Law, Central Figure In Boston Child Abuse Coverup, Found Dead

Vatican will pay for his funeral and celebrate his life Cardinal Bernard Law, the former Boston Archbishop who was the central figure in the Catholic church’s child abuse and sex scandal, has been found dead The Vatican has confirmed. Law

Child Protection Agency Raided, Agents Caught Running Pedophile Ring

Men arrested for operating child porn network through CPS in Philadelphia Police have raided a child protection agency in Philadelphia and uncovered an international pedophile ring that was abusing children it was supposed to be protecting. One of the men

TV Executive Caught Trying To Rape A Child By ‘Pedophile Hunter’ Vigilantes

A top television producer has been caught trying to rape a child by a vigilante gang of “pedophile hunters.” Kieran Creaven, whose a high-level executive at Irish broadcaster RTE, traveled to the UK expecting to rape a 13-year-old girl but was

Police: Imminent Arrest Of 50 Elite Pedophiles Will Send Shockwaves Through Washington

Washington D.C. police are preparing to arrest 50 high profile politicians they say are connected to an elite pedophile ring in the Capitol. In a piece published Sunday by Politico entitled “Paranoia grips Capitol Hill as harassment scandal spreads,” an anonymous

Pedophile Who Flew 700 Miles To Rape Child Met by Vigilantes Who Whipped Him

Child abuser tied to tree and flogged in public square in front of cheering locals A pedophile who flew 700 miles to rape a child, got more than he bargained for when he was met by a group of vigilantes

Notorious Pedophile ‘Crucified’ By Vigilante Gang As Warning To Child Abusers

A known sex offender was killed by a gang to warn pedophilia rings A gang of vigilantes has captured a notorious child abuser and “crucified” him on a road sign to send a warning out to pedophile rings. The rapist was

Man Who Runs Child Porn Empire For Elite Pedophile Ring Set Free By Judge

Refused to name ‘important’ pedophilia network members out of ‘courtesy’ A man who runs a child pornography empire for an elite pedophile ring was set free by a judge, despite being found guilty by the jury for multiple child abuse charges. 45-year-old

Vigilante Arrested For Killing 30 Pedophiles In Mass Murder Spree

Nebraska man caught strangling convicted sex offender, admits to string of murders A Nebraska man, who was caught by police strangling a convicted sex offender, has admitted to a string of murders, claiming to have killed “over 30” pedophiles. 42-year-old Joel Miller was

Pedophile Disguised As ‘Evil Clown’ Found Hiding Under Child’s Bed

Convicted pedophile with string of child abuse offences exploited children’s fears Parents from Illinois alerted local authorities after their 8-year-old daughter’s ‘reoccurring nightmare’ of an ‘evil clown’ hiding under her bed turned out to be a wanted pedophile. Wendy And Darren

Oklahoma Substitute Teacher Arrested For Making Lewd Proposals To A Minor

BIXBY, Okla. – An Oklahoma substitute teacher has been arrested after being accused of making a lewd proposal to a minor. Police say it all started when the principal at Bixby High School received several calls about a substitute teacher

Texas Teacher Accused Of Sex With Student She Met At Church

A 31-year-old Texas teacher stands accused of having multiple sexual encounters with a 16-year-old high school boy in her capacity as a youth ministry volunteer. Middle school teacher Nichole Marie Faires Andrews, 31, was arrested Tuesday and charged with the