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Pedo Hunters Nab Pakistani Migrant Who ‘Didn’t Understand’ It Was Illegal To Have Sex With Minors

A Pakistani migrant told a court he “didn’t understand” that it was illegal to have sex with a child after being caught in a sting operation by pedophile hunters. Adil Sultan, 39, thought he was meeting a 14-year-old girl named Laura for sex

Herpes Epidemic In Babies After Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis Suck Blood From Penises

A herpes epidemic in babies in New York has exploded over the last three months after a controversial ‘religious oral circumcision’ conducted by ultra-Orthodox Jewish Rabbis, which allows them to suck blood from the child penis. The latest case, which

Father Chops Off Hands Of Teen Who Raped His Baby After Judge Refuses To Convict

(CCN) A father of a 7-month-old child says he was left with no other option than to take revenge against a 17-year-old boy who raped his baby daughter — after courts refused to convict — citing lack of evidence. The Indian

Woody Allen Denies Molestation Claim As Accuser Dylan Farrow Gives First TV Interview

Director Woody Allen released a statement on Thursday to CBS This Morning denying the molestation allegations against him by his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow, who detailed the claims on television for the first time. “Even though the Farrow family is cynically using the

100 Girls Testify In Court Over Rape Cover-Up Within USA Gymnastics

Nearly 100 girls are due to testify in court this week to share their horrific accounts of rape they endured whilst members of the USA Gymnastics team. “You failed all of us, and for that, I see you in the

Jamie Lee Curtis Ignores Feldman In Call Against Child Abuse In Hollywood

Jamie Lee Curtis wrote an essay for the Huffington Post applauding actress Eliza Dushku for coming forward to say that she had been sexually assaulted as a child while working on James Cameron’s True Lies. However, in Curtis’ call against

Police Are Told To Stop Rise Of Pedophile Hunters After The Number Of Groups Trying To Track Down Perverts Hits 75

Police must now investigate any possible offences committed by vigilantes  Thousands of people could be posing as children to catch potential paedophiles David Baker, 43, killed himself in October four days after being confronted Police have been told to stop

The Lead Singer Of The Mamas & The Papas Raped His Own Daughter And Dated Her For 10 Years Afterward

In the latter half of the ’60s, the Mamas & the Papas dominated the airwaves with their inescapable hit “Monday Monday.” The band released a whopping five studio albums in four short years and sold nearly 40 million records worldwide. Despite

Feds Warn NAIAS Brings Child Sex Trafficking To Detroit

Every time there’s a huge event like an auto show, Super Bowl, or all-star game, there’s an ugly side effect that pops up. No, it’s not added pollution or traffic jams but rather a much darker subject.  The FBI is

Pope Begs Forgiveness For ‘Irreparable’ Harm From Sex Abuse

SANTIAGO, Chile — Pope Francis begged for forgiveness Tuesday for the “irreparable damage” done to children who were raped and molested by priests, opening his visit to Chile by diving head-first into a scandal that has greatly hurt the Catholic

Disgraced Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle Is Angling To Get Out Of Prison: Report

Former Subway spokesman and convicted porn peddler Jared Fogle is reportedly working to get out of prison, arguing that the judge who accepted his guilty plea didn’t have the jurisdiction to hear the case in the first place. Per TMZ,

Woman Records Herself Sexually Assaulting 4-Year-Old Boy — Then Sends The Video To Her Drug Dealer

A Michigan woman has learned her fate after admitting to recording herself sexually assaulting a four-year-old boy and sending the footage to her drug dealer. According to, U.S. District Judge Janet T. Neff sentenced Kailee Marie Perez, 25, on January 11 to

Detective Who Linked Podestas To Madeleine McCann’s Disappearance Found Dead

The blood-soaked body of a private detective who linked John and Tony Podesta to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has been found at a mansion in Surrey, England. Mystery surrounds the death of Washington D.C. based Kevin Halligen, 56, who

Eliza Dushku Accuses Stunt Coordinator Of Molesting Her On The Set Of ‘True Lies’ — She Was Just 12 Years Old

The string of allegations against influential men in Hollywood continues into 2018, with the latest bombshell claim coming in the form of a Facebook post this week by actress Eliza Dushku. She claimed that as a 12-year-old girl working on

Principal Apologizes After Shocking Video Shows Blindfolded Students Making Out With Their PARENTS In High School Prank

They were told to expect a kiss from a ‘special someone’. But the joke was on teenagers at Rosemount High School when the mystery lip locks they suspected came from their classmates… were actually from their parents. Now that footage

Madonna Committed Sexual Assault On An Underage Minor

Madonna is being slammed for pulling a 17-year-old girl on stage in Brisbane, Australia and pulling her top down, exposing the underage minor’s breast to the audience. As Madonna committed this lewd and vulgar act of public indecency, she perversely

Pastor Receives Standing Ovation After Admitting To Sexual Assault Of High School Student

Since the surfacing of sexual assault scandals by big names like Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer, the #MeToo movement has empowered many women to speak out about their own stories. In fact, seeing Lauer’s termination on the cover of USA Today is

New Book Blows The Lid Off The Dark World Of Child Sex Abuse In Sci-Fi Fandom

Moira Greyland is the daughter of famous authors Marion Zimmer Bradley and Walter Breen. She has written a memoir about growing up in a “queer” family and suffering hideous child abuse. In The Last Closet: The Dark Side of Avalon, Greyland details

Does the Gender “Spectrum” Also Include Pedophilia? Canadian Group announces “Naked Swim Day” At Public Pool, Encourages Children To Attend

(Natural News) Local Calgarians are expressing deep concern about an upcoming event at a public recreation center in Calgary, Canada, where individuals both young and old will be swimming in the nude together at a “naked swim day” that many

Church Using ‘Loophole’ to Keep Pedophile Priests Off Sex Offender Registry

Priests can remain anonymous after conviction of sexual offence The polish Polish Ministry of Justice recently unveiled a publicly accessible online registry of pedophiles convicted of abusing children up to 15 years of age, but due to a legal loophole,