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Child Protection Agency Raided, Agents Caught Running Pedophile Ring

Men arrested for operating child porn network through CPS in Philadelphia Police have raided a child protection agency in Philadelphia and uncovered an international pedophile ring that was abusing children it was supposed to be protecting. One of the men

White House Insider: ‘Anderson Cooper Part Of Elite Pedophile Ring’

A White House insider has blown the whistle on CNN host Anderson Cooper, claiming he is part of an elite pedophile ring. The infamous whistleblower, Q Anon, says Cooper is part of a “sick cult/club” whose members include politicians and

Pedophile Hackers Install Spy Cams In Popular Children’s Christmas Toys

Hackers have seized control of the top-selling Christmas toys – installing secret spy cams that send private images back to anonymous pedophile rings.  Experts at Top10VPN UK say the six top-selling Xmas toys were ‘shockingly easy’ to take control of

New Child Prostitution Law Creates Pedophiles’ Paradise In California

The so-called U.S. Golden State, California, can now add one more progressive action to its list of legal shenanigans including California’s illegal-alien sanctuary cities, transgender toilet regulations, and anti-American education curriculums. Starting on New Year’s Day 2017, minors both girls

Fusion GPS Behind Attempt To Link Trump To Pedophile Epstein

Fusion GPS, the pro-Democratic firm behind the discredited Trump dossier, attempted to tie Trump to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein – a close friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton. According to a journalist at The Washington Times, Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson

NY Times: Raping Children Shouldn’t Be A Crime, Pedophiles Are ‘Born That Way’

Mainstream media attempts to normalize pedophilia As the truth further unravels on the depths of child abuse among the global elite, the mainstream media continues scrambling to convince the public that pedophilia is “normal”. An awakening seems to be gripping

Child Sex Rings: The Inner Workings – Amazing Interview!

Sarah Westall interviews an investigative journalist who got pulled into the child sex trafficking ring all the way up to Jeffrey Epstein and how the FBI covers up for them. It involves lots of attorneys with the Stein part in

ElsaGate: YouTube Busted Normalizing Pedophilia In Viral Videos For Kids

Silicon Valley liberals have been busted trying to corrupt the children of America and normalize pedophilia within their ranks, promoting a bizarre series of highly successful YouTube videos for children, featuring constant themes of urination, defecation, eating from toilets, and