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California Gov. Jerry Brown To Release 10,000 Pedophiles, Rapists From Prison

Over 10,000 sex offenders including convicted pedophiles and rapists are set to be released to the streets in the near future thanks to Governor Jerry Brown and the ruling of a Superior Court Judge in Sacramento who claim crimes such as “intimately

UK Police Search For Pakistani Immigrant Who Tried To Rape 10-Year-Old Girl

UK police have launched a manhunt after an immigrant from Pakistan tried to rape a 10-year-old girl from Manchester.  The child was targeted by the man after separating from her friends in the Openshaw area of Manchester on Sunday afternoon.

Florida Man Who Blackmailed 5 Girls Into Online Sex Acts Sentenced To 12 Years

Daniel Derringer III, 29, formerly from Union City, NJ, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for blackmailing five teenage girls into posing nude and engaging in sexual conduct on web cameras. New Jersey Attorney General Christopher Porrino says

Pedophile Molests Young Girls And You Won’t Believe His Defense

A 38 year old man is charged with molesting several young girls. You won’t believe what he’s using as his defense. And…ever wonder what you can do to put an end to child sex trafficking? Now there’s a plan that

He Raped A 4-Year-Old Girl And He’s A Fire Chief In Pennsylvania

First, let me apologize because my headline isn’t completely accurate. Roger Gilbert Jr, listed above as chief of Pennsylvania’s Spartansburg Volunteer Fire Department in 2016 and recently re-elected, was NOT convicted of raping a four-year-old girl. What he was actually

Circus Child Sex Ring: ‘Blood Rituals’ Performed On 8-Year-Old Boys

“We didn’t do it” A child sex abuse ring operating out of a circus school in western Sydney, Australia, forced young boys under the age of eight to undergo sadistic “blood rituals.” According to The Sun, “four women, two men,

Mom Blows Pedophile’s Head Off After He Tries To Rape Daughter

A notorious pedophile had his head blown off by a Blakely, Georgia mother after he broke into the family home in what police have described as a “premeditated attack” on the family’s 12-year-old daughter. According to WTVY, the mother found

A Convicted Pedophile’s Time In Prison Didn’t Last Long — Or End Well

Daniel Davey, 22, a British man who had been sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison for sexually abusing a young boy, didn’t last long behind bars. The convicted pedophile, who abused the child — who was 5 and 6 years

Man sentenced For Raping 3-Month-Old And Filming It

MAGNOLIA, Texas — A Texas man was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences for raping a 3-month-old baby girl and filming it. David Vincent Akins Jr. was arrested in 2016 after investigators found child pornography on his laptop. Investigators then

Judge Cuts Pedophile’s Prison Term Claiming 3-Yr-Old ‘Asked’ To Be Raped

A California judge has caused outrage after slashing 15 years off the prison sentence of a pedophile convicted of raping a 3-year-old child. Orange County Superior Court Judge M. Marc Kelly cut the child rapist’s prison term down to ten years

Dark Web Pedophile Forced Children Into ‘Licking Toilet And Eating Dog Food’

Matthew Falder admitted to 137 offenses relating to 48 people One of the UK’s most prolific and dangerous pedophiles had blackmailed his victims into extremely degrading acts such as ‘licking toilet seats’ and eating ‘dog food’, before sharing the photos

Daughter Of Famed Sci-Fi Author Reveals Sexual Horrors She Suffered Growing Up In LGBT home

February 8, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The daughter of famed science fiction author Marion Zimmer Bradley has written an autobiographical account revealing the horrors of growing up in a home raised by LGBT parents who repeatedly sexually abused her and her

British Man Arrested After Exposing Elite Pedophile Ring

A British man who went to the police and told them he was the victim of an elite pedophile ring involving senior politicians has been arrested for “perverting the course of justice.“ The man, known only as “Nick” for legal

Parenting In The Digital Age Of Pornography

Recently something unexpected, but groundbreaking caught people’s attention: As of spring 2016, Playboy magazine — the publication that titillated men and adolescent boys for decades — will no longer publish the nude and semi-nude photos of women that made it

Air Force Member Sexually Assaults 14-Year-Old Runaway Girl: Police

Delaware police have arrested a member of the United States Air Force accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old runaway, as reported by NY Daily News. Authorities were alerted of the claims on November 16 by a member of the girl’s

Disturbing Details Emerge During Pre-Trial Testimony For Cherish Perrywinkle Case, A Girl Kidnapped From Walmart, Sexually Assaulted & Killed

Some potential jurors were visibly shaken in a Jacksonville courtroom, while listening to details regarding the upcoming trial against a Florida man accused of kidnapping, raping, and killing a Florida girl. During pre-trial testimony earlier this week, shocking details emerged

Veteran Navy SEALs And Law Enforcement Teamed Up to Save Kids From Child Sex Trafficking — For Free

The nonprofit Saved In America (SIA) was created by veteran Navy SEALs and retired law enforcement to save children from sex trafficking. To date, they’ve rescued 58 girls, and they’ve done it all completely for free. SIA’s Creation As a

Previously Deported Mexican National Convicted Of Raping 9-Year-Old Girl In Sanctuary City

BREITBART – BOB PRICE An Oregon jury convicted a previously deported Mexican national of sexually assaulting a nine-year-old girl. The convicted child-rapist has a history of crimes in the U.S. The little girl’s mother told law enforcement officials in Clackamas

Child Who Killed Pedophile To Escape Sex Trafficking Ring Gets Life In Prison

A child from Nashville, who was kidnapped and forced into child sex slavery by a pedophile ring, has been sentenced to life in prison for murder by a judge after she was forced to shoot a rapist before escaping from

Oklahoma State To ‘Chemically Castrate’ Convicted Pedophiles

Law for sex offenders to take drug that will kill sex drive Oklahoma is set to be added to the list of states that will give the option of “chemical castration” for convicted pedophiles and sex offenders. Despite the push