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Video Shows Pedo Island Horror

Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedo Island. Kids, raped, murdered and cannibalized. And all caught on video! Plus… The arrest of Pope Francis goes horribly wrong, and erupts into violence. What next? We’ll get the latest from Kevin Annett from ITCCS. David Zublick

Elite Network Of Pedophile Police Raped Children For Years As Dept Covered It Up

Explosive inside information into the sickening sex saga Explosive inside information into the sickening sex saga which involved two former Louisville Metropolitan Police Department (LMPD) officers is now being exposed. The city commissioned former U.S. Attorney Kerry Harvey to investigate

Man Who Exposed Elite Pedophile Ring At Westminster Is jailed

The inquiry into alleged pedophile was mysteriously dropped Nick had claimed he was systematically abused and tortured by senior politicians and members of the armed forces throughout the 1970s and 1980s. A man who attempted to expose an elite pedophile

Donald Trump’s Former Campaign Manager Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison For Child Sex Trafficking

Tim Nolan was once riding high as a top-ranking judge and Donald Trump’s campaign manager in Kentucky, but now he is headed to prison for the next 20 years after being convicted on several counts of child sex trafficking. JUST

Mexico Reduces Legal Age Of Sexual Consent To 12 Years Old

Mexico has just lowered the legal age of sexual consent to just 12 years old. This change in legislation means the country is now becoming the latest nation to give in to pressure from an international liberal network of activists

Sessions Confirms 2,300 Pedophiles Arrested In Massive Operation ‘Broken Heart’

A new task force targeting Internet Crimes Against Children has announced it has busted over 2,300 online pedophiles according to a Justice Department on Tuesday. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the recent arrests are part of an ongoing campaign to

UK Police: Don’t Punish Pedophiles, Let Them Watch Child Porn Instead

A leading child protection police officer has said that pedophiles who view child porn should not face jail, but instead be rehabilitated. Chief Constable Simon Bailey of the National Police Chiefs’ Council sais that UK police forces a longer cope

Trump Signs Law To Punish Websites For Sex Trafficking

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed legislation aimed at penalizing website operators that facilitate online sex trafficking and chipping away at a legal protection for the technology industry. The law is intended to make it easier

Trump’s Crackdown On Pedophiles Ramps Up – Congressman Farenthold Resigns

President Trump’s promise to end human trafficking and bust D.C. pedophile rings ramped up this week after Congressman Blake Farenthold was forced to resign amid allegations of running an underage prostitution website. According to court records, Congressman Farenthold (R-TX) used public

Former Clinton Aide Indicted For Child Sex Trafficking

One of Hillary Clinton’s closest aides has been indicted on child trafficking charges as part of an investigation into an elite Hollywood pedophile ring. Clare Bronfman, the heiress to Seagrams fortune, is set to face prosecutors in July as part

Justin Trudeau’s Best Friend Jailed After International Pedophile Ring Bust

Christopher Charles Ingvaldson, 42, a long-term close friend of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, has been found guilty of child pornography charges after being caught directing an international pedophile ring.  Ingvaldson entered guilty pleas in B.C. Provincial Court in Vancouver

Top Democrat Posts Disturbing Pro-Pedophile & Bestiality Ad In WaPo

A top Democrat has posted a full-page ad in the Washington Post promoting the virtues of pedophilia and bestiality.  In a disturbing advertorial, Democratic primary candidate Jerome Segal told readers that “looking at pictures of naked children” and “watching videos

Child Rapist Receives Red Carpet Treatment During Visit To Buckingham Palace

Ian Knight was a former soldier found guilty of 10 sex offenses A pedophile rapist who enjoyed a day out in Buckingham Palace to watch his wife be presented with an MBE has seen many of his victims speak out

DHS Protecting Child Sex Traffickers – FBI Refused Admittance to Brownsville Walmart by Rogue DHS Elements Protecting Child Traffickers

There are major and critical updates connected to the Brownsville Walmart FEMA Camp Detention Facility. Two days ago, I reported on many of these events. Since then, I have been downloaded on the critical developments at the Brownsville FEMA Camp facility

Ex-Teacher Busted For Allegedly Having Sex With Same Teen Anthony Weiner Sexted

A former teacher from North Carolina has been accused of sex offenses with a minor — the same ​girl that Anthony Weiner got ​sent to prison for sexting in 2016, a report says. Sources told WSOC-TV that the disgraced ex-congressman​

WikiLeaks Whistleblower Arrested On Child Pornography Charges

Joshua Adam Schulte is believed to behind WikiLeaks’ exposure of CIA hacking tools A former CIA and NSA programme has been named as the alleged ‘Wikileaks source’ and has been charged stealing and leaking classified information to the whistleblowing agency

IG Report: Obama Lied To Cover Clinton’s Child Trafficking Crimes

The bombshell, which has been previously hinted via WikiLeaks disclosures CBS News senior White House correspondent Bill Plante quizzed Obama about when he learned about Clintons’ private email system after his Saturday appearance in Selma, Alabama. ‘The same time everybody

Pedophile Cop Gets 27 Years In Prison for Making Videos Of Himself Raping Children And Dogs

Harris County, TX — A Harris County Sheriff’s deputy, who was fired after the department found he’d produced and starred in a video where he was having sex with a dog, has been sentenced to 27 years in prison. The

Prince Charles Receives Court Summons For Pedophile Priest Trial

Request for a statement from the Prince Charles’s private secretary The Daily Mail reports: “This has led to lengthy and complex discussions and we are currently considering the latest points they have raised. We hope to be able to provide

Chelsea Clinton Admits ‘Pizzagate’ Is Real

Chelsea Clinton has admitted that ‘Pizzagate‘ – a conspiracy involving politicians running a pedophile ring – is real via Twitter on Thursday morning.   In an unhinged rant, Clinton boasted “of course there’s a #Pizzagate 2.0. Of course there is,” in sarcastic