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Breaking: Clinton-Abedin PedoGate Video Found On Dark Web

A video featuring Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin engaging in sex acts with an underage girl is now available on the dark web. The NYPD claims the video made seasoned police officers cry and is the “Rosetta Stone” of information

CEO Of Child Sex Trafficking Site Given FBI Award By Mueller

Special Counsel Robert Mueller awarded CEO Carl Ferrer an FBI award for working in an investigative capacity with the bureau.  In 2011, Mueller bestowed the CEO of one of America’s biggest child sex trafficking websites a prestigious FBI award,

FBI Raids Home Of Clinton Operative For Running Child Sex Ring

The FBI have raided the home of Clinton Global initiative member Nancy Salzman for helping to run a child sex ring in New York.  Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman, both leaders and founders of NXIVM, face federal charges of child

Exclusive: Biden Had Secret Surgery To ‘Cure’ Pedophilia

He’s known as ‘Creepy Joe Biden’ by his friends, his associates and members of the press for his inability to keep his hands to himself. But damning new evidence shows Biden knows he’s a pedophile and underwent secret experimental surgery

Breaking: Trump’s Crackdown On PedoGate Ramps Up

President Trump’s crackdown on pedophiles ramps up as a United States congressman is forced to resign after running an underage prostitution website. Is this the start of the federal crackdown on these perverted practices? Are we finally on the verge

Sweden Issues Child Marriage Leaflet To Citizens

A Swedish leaflet offering guidelines about child marriage has been withdrawn after it sparked outrage among citizens of Sweden. The document softly reminds citizens and immigrants that it is illegal for an adult to marry a child in Sweden, but

Roseanne Barr: President Trump Is Destroying D.C. Pedophile Rings

Actress Roseanne Barr praised President Trump in a series of Tweets on Friday, thanking the President for dismantling elite pedophile rings operating in D.C. and Hollywood. Following Trump’s phone call to Roseanne, in which he congratulated her for the sitcom’s

Congressional Aide Fired For Car Sex With Teen He Met On Grindr

A congressional aide in Illinois was fired after being caught by cops shirtless in a car with a 17-year-old boy who said they were having a consensual sexual encounter after hooking up on Grindr. Dominic “Nick” Provenzano, 56, was fired

Executive Order: Military Tribunals For PedoGate

President Trump signs an executive order allowing him to arrest and prosecute ‘Deep State’ pedophiles using the US military court-martial process. Among those soon to be rounded up and sent to Gitmo include the Clintons, the Podesta Brothers, Rex Tillerson,

Germany Admits They Gave Homeless Teenagers To Known Pedophiles

Germany has been forced to admit that welfare authorities routinely handed over young homeless teenagers to known pedophiles as part of a sickening social experiment.  Under the ‘Kentler Experiment’ in the 1970’s, Berlin’s city-state government financed a secret pedophile foster

Police Failed To Act As 1,000 Girls Beaten, Pimped, Raped, And Even Killed Over 40 Years In Britain

An investigation by the Sunday Mirror has revealed Britain’s worst ever grooming scandal, which saw authorities paralyzed for 40 years by fears of “racism” accusations as grooming gangs victimized up to a thousand girls in Telford. TELFORD (Breitbart) – The left-leaning newspaper

Kentucky: Child Marriage Ban Delayed After Opposition From Conservative Group

Girls of any age can marry if they are pregnant under current law Politicians in Kentucky are stepping up their fight to end child marriage in the state after a planned vote on the matter was postponed because of opposition

More Than 200,000 Children Married In US Over The Last 15 Years

Girls as young as 10 were among the minors who wedded under legal loopholes More than 200,000 children were married in the US over the past 15 years, new figures have revealed. Three 10-year-old girls and an 11-year-old boy were

Kentucky Lawmakers Approve Law Allowing Pedophiles To Marry Children

Kentucky lawmakers have approved a law allowing pedophiles to marry young children who have been impregnated as a result of rape.   A bill opposing the controversial law was delayed due to last-minute opposition by the Family Foundation of Kentucky, meaning

House Passes Anti-Online Sex Trafficking Bill, Allows Targeting Of Websites Like Backpage.Com

The House of Representatives passed a bill Tuesday that gives prosecutors, state attorneys general and sex trafficking victims a clearer route to pursue legal action against websites hosting advertisements for prostitutes, which advocates have long argued are a hive for trafficking children. The

Police Officer Who Received Oral Sex From Child Doesn’t Have To Register As Sex Offender

A former police officer with the Houston Independent School District (HISD) was given a surprising lax punishment after pleading guilty to an inappropriate relationship with a minor at the school where he was employed.  In fact, the school cop won’t

Officer Arrested For Child Porn After Coded ‘Cheese Pizza’ Online Post

A corrections officer in New Jersey has been arrested for possessing child pornography after investigators were alerted to a series of online posts referencing ‘cheese pizza’ – a coded phrase used by pedophiles.  Federal prosecutors arrested 37-year-old Stephen Salamak at

Turkish Gov’t Mulls Chemical Castration For Pedophiles

The Turkish government announced a set of tougher measures against pedophiles yesterday following a public outcry over a child abuse suspect caught red-handed in the southern city of Adana. Justice Minister Abdülhamit Gül told reporters that they would use chemical

Jeremy Corbyn: Schools Should Teach Kids Graphic Gay Sex To Kids

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to introduce “graphic” gay sex lessons in schools if he becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain.   Speaking on Will Young’s Homo Sapiens podcast, Corbyn insisted that detailed instructions about how girls and boys have

Top Children’s Rights Campaigner Jailed For Raping A 13-year-old Boy

The horrific sexual assaults took place over a 3 year period A top children’s rights campaigner, who aided governments around the work tackle pedophilia and child abuse, has been jailed for raping a 13-year-old boy. The former UNICEF consultant Peter