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Catholic Bishop Calls For Age Of Consent To Be 7-Years-Old

New York bishop claims young boys are ‘culpable for their own actions’ A New York Catholic bishop has claimed that pedophile priests shouldn’t be held responsible if they rape children aged 7 and over as he believes that young boys

Catholic School Blocked Pedophile Inquiry To ‘Protect Monks’ Reputations’

The inquiry found that children as young as 7 years olds were sexually abused Two major Catholic schools in the UK were caught blocking pedophile investigations in order to protect the Monk’s reputations, according to a recent inquiry. Ampleforth and

Pedophile Priest Says ‘The Devil’ Made Him Molest 11 Year Old Girl

A Catholic priest who has been accused of sexually abusing an 11-year-old girl said that he thought the child was 15, and that he did what he did because ‘the devil tripped’ him Father Paolo Glaentzer, 70, was arrested last

Police Raid Catholic Church, Seize Vatican Laptops In Pedophile Ring Bust

Authorities have seized laptops, documents, files, and computers Prosecutors and police have begun raiding offices of the Catholic Church in the South American nation of Chile as authorities get tough on pedophile priests. Since the beginning of mid-June, there have

Elites Using Black Eyes As Sign For Pedophile Club?

Why are so many elite politicians, celebrities and world leaders sporting a black eye? What does it mean? Is it part of a pedophile ritual? Is this an initiation rite into the Illuminati? Is there a Satanic connection? Are souls

Pope Francis ‘Punishes’ US Pedophile Cardinal With ‘Prayers-Not-Prison’ Scheme

Pope Francis has been slammed by sex abuse survivors after intervening in the case of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and ensuring the United States’ most notorious Catholic pedophile will not serve any time in prison. Announcing that he has accepted Cardinal

Prince Charles Claims He Didn’t Know His Bishop Friend Was A Pedophile

Prince Charles told a child sexual abuse inquiry that he was he was “deceived” by the disgraced pedophile bishop Peter Ball and was unaware of the true nature of  the clergyman’s behavior until more than 20 years after allegations first emerged.

Catholic Church Refuses To Create Policy To Fight Pedophilia

The Vatican still hasn’t implemented any policies to protect children According to Cruxnow: The gap in Francis’ oft-pledged “zero tolerance” for abuse is surprising, given that the Holy See told the United Nations five years ago that it was developing

Pedophile Cult Leader Who Planned To Marry Eight-year-old Victim Is Jailed

Sick Samuel Shaffer, of Utah, admitted the vile sex crimes on Wednesday The leader of sadistic cult ‘The Knights of the Crystal Blade’ who admitted sodomy on a child was served a second life sentence for sex crimes against children.

Mother Accuses Pope Francis of Covering-Up Son’s Sex Abuse by Pedophile Priest

Mom says pope covered up crimes of priest when he was archbishop of Buenos Aires A Brazilian mother has accused Pope Francis of covering-up her son’s sexual abuse to protect a pedophile priest that raped him as a child. Beatriz

Vatican Police Arrest Former Diplomat Over Child Pornography Allegations

Vatican police have arrested a priest and former diplomat over child pornography allegations. Carlo Alberto Capella who was a high ranking diplomat at the Holy See’s US embassy was arrested and taken into custody on Saturday. Monsignor Capella was suddenly

Pope Francis Gives Pedophile Priest ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ To Avoid Prison

A pedophile priest caught with child pornography while working in Washington has escaped prosecution by U.S. authorities because Pope Francis granted him diplomatic immunity, according to reports. Carlo Alberto Capella was in the U.S. as a senior Vatican diplomat when

Catholic Church: We’ll Cover For Pedophile Priests If They Confess Their Sins

Catholic priests said they would rather go to jail than report child abuse However, the Catholic church has fiercely rejected the idea, arguing priest should never break the seal of confession regardless of the crime. “The state will be requiring

Pope Francis: Church Has Moral Duty To Protect Pedophiles Who Confess

Pope Francis has ordered Catholic priests not to break the seal of confession when dealing with child rapists and pedophiles.   Priests should go to jail than abide by a new law introduced in Australia designed to protect children, according to

Prince Charles Receives Court Summons For Pedophile Priest Trial

Request for a statement from the Prince Charles’s private secretary The Daily Mail reports: “This has led to lengthy and complex discussions and we are currently considering the latest points they have raised. We hope to be able to provide

Pope Francis To Be Arrested On Child Trafficking, Murder

An arrest warrant has been issued for Pope Francis on charges of crimes against humanity, including child trafficking and murder. Is the pontiff who just apologized for the sins of pedophile priests a predator himself? Will the pope’s arrest be

Police Drop Child Sex Abuse Enquiry Of ‘Pedophile’ Priest – ‘Lack Of Evidence’

British police confirmed they were no longer investigating Police have dropped controversial child abuse inquiry into an alleged pedophile priest according to a spokesman. British police confirmed they were no longer investigating the allegation of child sex abuse against the late George

BREAKING: Media Blackout On Huge PedoGate Stories

Why, after almost 3 years of horrific stories of the kidnapping, rape, torture and murder of children by massive pedophile cults operating within U.S. and foreign governments, business, entertainment, military and religious institutions, has the mainstream media continued to call

Pedophile Let Off For Raping 10-Year-Old By Judge: ‘His Religion Says It’s Ok’

Charges for rape dropped because man didn’t know it was illegal A judge has ruled that a pedophile “didn’t rape” a child that he forced to have sex with him, because he comes from a culture where such actions are

BREAKING: Pope Francis To Perform Child Sacrifice On June 21st

Pope Francis will perform a mass child sacrifice on June 21st in Geneva, Switzerland with the victims being supplied by an international child exploitation ring funded by the global elite, enforced by the mafia and organized by an office at