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‘Black Pope’ Pachon Resigns From Vatican After Child Abuse Charge

Jesuit Superior linked to child abuse rituals Catholic Jesuit Superior Adolfo Pachón has resigned from the Vatican office after being linked to a child sacrifice cult. The Spaniard was charged after several top Vatican officials were investigated for alleged links

Church Forgives Priest Who Admitted Raping 30 Young Girls Even Though He Knew He Was Infected With HIV

An HIV infected Catholic priest who was has admitted to raping close to 30 indigenous little girls will face no consequences for his actions as the Catholic Church has “absolved” him of any wrong doing.  The priest, Jose Garcia Ataulfo,

Campaigner For ‘Pedophiles Rights’ Caught Raping Children Disguised As Priest

Virtuous pedo’ Justin Georges Stephen Coulombe arrested for child abuse A man who refers to himself as a “virtuous pedophile,” who “doesn’t harm children,” has been arrested on sexual assault and child pornography charges. Justin Georges Stephen Coulombe proudly refers

Pope Francis: Exposing ‘Pedophile Priests’ Is A Grave Sin

The pontiff’s ferocious attack on independent media has begun Pope Francis has launched a ferocious attack on independent media warning it is a ‘grave sin’ to report pedophile priests without a ‘balance’ and unbiased’ approach. The Pope said ‘sensationalist’ news

Cardinal Bernard Law, Central Figure In Boston Child Abuse Coverup, Found Dead

Vatican will pay for his funeral and celebrate his life Cardinal Bernard Law, the former Boston Archbishop who was the central figure in the Catholic church’s child abuse and sex scandal, has been found dead The Vatican has confirmed. Law

Catholic Church In Australia Links Celibacy To Child Sex Abuse

Mandatory celibacy may have contributed to priests abusing children, according to a newly released report. In the landmark report, an Australian Catholic Church body dealing with the legacy of child sex abuse said that some church institutions and their leaders have

Catholic Archbishop: ‘I’d Rather Go To Prison Than Report Child Abuse To Police’

One of the highest-ranking officials in the Catholic Church has stated that he would “rather go to prison” than report pedophilia to police. Australia’s most powerful clergy, Archbishop of Melbourne Denis Hart, says he’s prepared to be jailed for failing to

Priest’s Facebook Message to Child Rape Victim Goes Viral ‘You Deserved It’

Italian priest comes under fire after attacking sex abuse victim on Social media A Priest in Italy has sparked massive outrage after he told a child rape victim “she deserved it” and it was “her own fault”. Lorenzo Guidotti, a

Catholic Bishop: ‘Children Are Asking To Be Raped’

Claims victims of pedophile priests are to blame for being sexually abused A New York Catholic Bishop has caused outrage after claiming that victims of pedophile priests only have themselves to blame because “children are asking to be raped”. Bishop

NY Times: Raping Children Shouldn’t Be A Crime, Pedophiles Are ‘Born That Way’

Mainstream media attempts to normalize pedophilia As the truth further unravels on the depths of child abuse among the global elite, the mainstream media continues scrambling to convince the public that pedophilia is “normal”. An awakening seems to be gripping

Huge Pedophile Ring Discovered With Clear Ties To Pope Benedict

A huge pedophile ring has been discovered by Australian authorities which they say has clear ties to Pope Benedict and the Catholic church.  Prominent Vatican official Cardinal George Pell, who has been an advisor to Pope Benedict and Pope Francis, is

Pedophile Priest With HIV Who Raped 30 Children Forgiven By Church

Catholic Church absolved priest after who faces no criminal charges for raping young girls under 10 A Catholic Priest has been acquitted by the church after he admitted to raping almost 30 young girls aged between 5 and 10-years-old. The

6-Year-Old Rescued From Satanic Pedophile Ring After Mother Burned Alive

Child tortured and raped after witnessing mother burned at the stake in sacrifice A 6-year-old girl has been rescued from a Satanic pedophile ring, who had tortured and raped her after forcing her to watch her mother being burned alive at