Pedophile Gang Who Raped 100s Of Children Finally Jailed For 90 Years

The men, who are aged between 36 and 48 preyed on vulnerable young children
Investigating officer DS Nicola Douglas: ‘None of the perpetrators have admitted their guilt or shown any remorse.’ “The impact of these offenses on the victims, their families and relationships cannot be underestimated.” she continued “There are devastating consequences which last long after the offense is committed.” “Without these women telling their stories, perpetrators who exploit and commit serious sexual offenses against some of the most vulnerable children and young adults in our communities will remain hidden, unpunished and free to do more harm.” “‘I know nothing can ever undo the unimaginable suffering they were put through, but I hope it gives them some comfort to know these men have finally been held accountable for the abhorrent crimes they committed.”

A group of pedophiles who abused teenage girls in a vehicle they nicknamed the e ‘s**wagon’ have all been jailed for a total of 90 years. The men, who are aged between 36 and 48 preyed on vulnerable young children as young as 13 by plying them with drink and drugs at ‘parties’ in Oxford, UK. A judge branded the pedophiles as ‘predatory and cynical’ who have all been jailed between seven and a half and fifteen years each. Judge Peter Ross said that the investigating the pedophile gang uncovered a massive ‘systematic and widespread grooming’ in the UK.

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