Pedophile Convicted Of Tying-Up And Raping Child, Set Free By Judge

Pedophile Convicted Of Tying-Up And Raping Child, Set Free By Judge

Virginia judge lets violent sex offender walk free with no jail time. More »

Catholic Bishop Calls For Age Of Consent To Be 7-Years-Old

Catholic Bishop Calls For Age Of Consent To Be 7-Years-Old

New York bishop claims young boys are ‘culpable for their own actions’. More »

Pedophiles Shot and Hanged From Crane After Boy, 10, Raped And Killed

Pedophiles Shot and Hanged From Crane After Boy, 10, Raped And Killed

Three pedophiles were publicly executed and hanged from cranes after they were found guilty of brutally raping and killing a 10-year-old boy. More »

British PM Theresa May: Pedophiles Should Be Allowed To Adopt Children Too

British PM Theresa May: Pedophiles Should Be Allowed To Adopt Children Too

Claims blocking adoption for child abusers is a ‘breach of their human rights’. More »

School Teacher Who Sexually Abused Kid Keeps Teaching License

School Teacher Who Sexually Abused Kid Keeps Teaching License

A school teacher from New York has been spared jail and allowed to keep her job, despite being found guilty of sexually abusing a teenage boy. More »


Police Bust Massive Pedophile Ring At Children’s Hospital

British police have uncovered a massive pedophile ring at a children’s hospital in Derbyshire, UK.  After an investigation into allegations of sexual and physical abuse by staff at Aston Hall , police found evidence that over 100 children have been raped

Group of Lawyers Beats Pedophile Up In Court After Judge Sets Him Free

A clip of the incident that took place on Tuesday has since gone viral on social media as many see the court ruling as a miscarriage of justice. After a pedophile gang, who drugged and raped a 12-year-old disabled girl

Prince Charles Claims He Didn’t Know His Bishop Friend Was A Pedophile

Prince Charles told a child sexual abuse inquiry that he was he was “deceived” by the disgraced pedophile bishop Peter Ball and was unaware of the true nature of  the clergyman’s behavior until more than 20 years after allegations first emerged.

Disney Executive Under Investigation For Boasting About Child Rape

Disney director James Gunn is under investigation for repeatedly boasting about the rape and molestation of children.  Gunn, who is most famous for directing Guardians of the Galaxy, “joked” about having sex with kids, the Holocaust, Jews, AIDS, and Mexicans

Family Of Pedophiles Raped Kids For 30 Years Before Being Caught

A sick family raped children during a 30-year campaign of abuse branded the “worst ever case of its kind” by a judge. Twisted Antony Potts and three members of his family carried out a string of child abuse offenses over

“Deep State” Child Trafficking Being Exposed By Illegal Alien Traffickers +Video

By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret. Important Child Trafficking ALERTS that need to be addressed……awareness is key ! There is so much going-on behind the scenes with rogue elements within various government agencies attempting to keep the number one money maker

Pedophile Who Escaped Justice ‘For Years’ Gets Life In Philippine Prison

A notorious pedophile from Amsterdam who escaped justice ‘for years’ was finally arrested and sentenced to life in prison on the Philippines for abusing multiple mentally and physically disabled children. The the70-year-old convicted pedophile was also previously convicted of sexually

MP Who Exposed Pedophile Ring Faces Lengthy Prison Sentence

A former Lithuanian judge and MP who exposed an international network of elite pedophiles is being deported back to Lithuania, where she faces a lengthy prison sentence. Neringa Venckiene fled Lithuania with her son and moved to the US in 2013

Texas Mother Sentenced To 40 Years Jail For Pimping Out Her 2 Yr Old Daughter

A Texas woman has been sentenced to 40 years behind bars for attempting to sell her two-year-old daughter for a sex act, for $1,200, to an undercover police officer who was impersonating a pedophile. Texas Judge Phil Grant sentenced the

Notorious Pedophile Found Beaten To Death In Prison Cell

A notorious pedophile has been found beaten to death in his cell only days after arriving in the California prison. The convicted child rapist was killed by another inmate less than a week after entering the Californian jail. Officials confirmed

‘Australia’s Worst Pe‌do‌p‌hile’ Gets Li‌fe Se‌n‌ten‌ce In The Philippines For R‌ap‌in‌g Infant, Child S‌e‌x Tra‌ffi‌cki‌ng

Australian Peter Gerard Scully, known as “Australia’s worst ped‌oph‌ile‌,” has recently been found g‌uil‌ty of ‌ra‌p‌i‌ng and abu‌si‌ng young ch‌ild‌r‌en in the Philippines and uploading videos of the ab‌u‌se online for his clients in Europe via the dark web. The

Former Hillary Clinton State Dept Employee Pleads Guilty To Child Rape

Skydance MacMahon has become the first Hillary Clinton era State Department official to plead guilty to child sex charges after being indicted by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia for conspiring to produce child pornography and

School Strip-Searches 6th Grade Girls’ Class After Cop Accused them Of Hiding $50 In Their Underwear

By Matt Agorist Houston, TX — What started with an alleged missing $50 in a middle school choir class ended in 22 depraved and disgusting strip-searches of innocent children on behalf of the state. Now, after a ridiculous back and

Mom Shoots Pedophile Who Tried To Kidnap Kids In SUV

A mother shot a pedophile who tried to steal her SUV and kidnap her two toddlers who were sitting in the vehicle in Dallas Wednesday night, police said.  The incident occurred at 10 p.m. outside a Shell service station at

US State Department Official Caught Trafficking Children To Make Child Porn

An official working within the United States Department of State has been indicted on child sex trafficking and child pornography production charges. 44-year-old Skydance MacMahon of the U.S. State Department pleaded guilty to trafficking children from Canada and making more

California Governor Jerry Brown Releases 10,000 Pedophiles, Rapists From Prison

Dangerous sex offenders released back on to the streets under new policy Over 10,000 sex offenders including convicted pedophiles and rapists have been released onto the streets thanks to Governor Jerry Brown and the ruling of a Superior Court Judge

British Man Gets Prison Sentence For Exposing Political Pedophile Ring

A man who attempted to expose an elite pedophile ring operating in the British parliament has been charged with perverting the course of justice, according to British reports. The man, known only as “Nick” for legal reasons, claimed the elite

Catholic Church Refuses To Create Policy To Fight Pedophilia

The Vatican still hasn’t implemented any policies to protect children According to Cruxnow: The gap in Francis’ oft-pledged “zero tolerance” for abuse is surprising, given that the Holy See told the United Nations five years ago that it was developing

Pedophile Cult Leader Who Planned To Marry Eight-year-old Victim Is Jailed

Sick Samuel Shaffer, of Utah, admitted the vile sex crimes on Wednesday The leader of sadistic cult ‘The Knights of the Crystal Blade’ who admitted sodomy on a child was served a second life sentence for sex crimes against children.

Pizzagate Is ‘Fake News’ According To John Podesta- Video

John Podesta spoke out about ‘Pizzagate’ publicly for the first time last year…calling it fake news In a 2017 interview, Podesta, who’s been the central character of the Pizzagate scandal, talks about Pedogate… although he avoids actually saying the words