Pope Francis To Be Arrested On Child Trafficking, Murder

An arrest warrant has been issued for Pope Francis on charges of crimes against humanity, including child trafficking and murder. Is the pontiff who just apologized for the sins of pedophile priests a predator himself? Will the pope’s arrest be the downfall of the Roman Catholic church, bringing millions of believers to their knees? David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this special report!

2 Responses to Pope Francis To Be Arrested On Child Trafficking, Murder

  1. Mary Crum says:

    If really guilty, he should be in prison for life at the very least. So should all clergy who have been proven guilty. I will be surprised if any of them end up arrested and put in prison.

  2. pi says:

    Three things:
    You are saying, if I listened well, that there was a previous arrest against this pope. But it seems this was an arrest warrant against Ratsinger, the former pope. Who as a result immedialtly resigned as pope.

    Why wasn’t he arrested after resinging? Didn’t he remain just as guilty?
    So, there was no previous arrest warrant against Franciscus….

    And a question: why publish this? Is it likely that this pope is actually going to be in Genève if he knows that he is going to be arrested?

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