Catholic School Blocked Pedophile Inquiry To ‘Protect Monks’ Reputations’

The inquiry found that children as young as 7 years olds were sexually abused
Two major Catholic schools in the UK were caught blocking pedophile investigations in order to protect the Monk’s reputations, according to a recent inquiry.
Ampleforth and 11 at Downside Catholic boarding Schools located in the UK “ prioritized monks and their own reputations over the protection of children” who were sexually abused, a report revealed. According to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), young pupils at Ampleforth, in Yorkshire, and Downside, in Somerset, UK, suffered appalling treatment and sexual abuse that “spanned decades.”
The inquiry found that children as young as 7 years olds were sexually abused Ampleforth, and 11 at Downside in a sadistic “culture of acceptance of abusive behavior”.
Professor Alexis Jay, who led the inquiry said: “For decades Ampleforth and Downside tried to avoid giving any information about child sexual abuse to police and social services.

“Instead, monks in both institutions were very often secretive, evasive and suspicious of anyone outside the English Benedictine Congregation. “Safeguarding children was less important than the reputation of the church and the well-being of the abusive monks. “Even after new procedures were introduced in 2001 when monks gave the appearance of cooperation and trust, their approach could be summarised as a ‘tell them nothing’ attitude.”

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