Investigation: 10 Teachers At Nichols School Had Inappropriate Relationships With Students

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — An 85-page report from a law firm’s investigation says 10 teachers at Nichols School “had improper relationships with students over several decades,” according to the school.

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The investigation was initiated by Nichols School’s Board of Trustees more than six months ago. 110 interviews with 76 people were conducted by Washington D.C.-based firm Crowell & Moring.

“From the outset of this investigation, motivated by two women with the courage to come forward with their stories, we aimed to do what was right through full disclosure of past misconduct. We achieved those goals through national best practices, and we are confident this was the proper course to take,” Board of Trustees Chairman Jeff Meyer said. “Only through a transparent, independent process such as this can we come to terms with past misconduct at the school and move Nichols forward into the future.”

“The investigation found misconduct and lapses of oversight, but determined these were not “systemic” over the period of the report,” the school wrote in a press release.

The school says no one currently working there was accused of inappropriate behavior with students. The most recent case was from more than 12 years ago, Nichols said.

“Nichols knows of no teacher that investigators accused in the report who is still teaching,” the school wrote.

No victims were named.

Nichols School said they formally apologized to all victims and said the victims didn’t get the care and protection they should have received.

In addition to that, the school thanked people who came forward to talk about their experiences.

“By openly and fully acknowledging what occurred, we seek to provide these victims with validation for their courage to speak,” Meyer and Head of School Bill Clough wrote in the summary letter of the report. “We also wish to reassure the Nichols community that our school today is committed to ideals, behaviors and training that ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for our current and future students, families, faculty and staff.”

Nichols School has had a full-time on-campus counselor since 2013. Along with that, the school has a Core Group made of five teachers. The group offers wellness and mental health resources.

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