Family Guy Exposed Hollywood Pedophile Bryan Singer: ‘Perverted Director’

Seth MacFarlane tried to expose X-Men director for pedophilia

Another clip from animated comedy series Family Guy has resurfaced, in which the TV show exposed disgraced movie mogul pedophile Bryan Singer as a “perverted Hollywood predator.”

Since the recent revelations of sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry have come to light, several clips from Family Guy and its creator Seth MacFarlane have emerged in which they tried to warn the world about powerful Hollywood elites such as Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Brett Ratner.

After the recent revelations that X-Men director Singer raped a young boy on his yacht, another scene from the hit series have emerged that attempted to expose sexual abuse in the movie business.

During an episode from season 14 of Family Guy, Brian the dog explains to baby Stewie the dark side of being a child actor.

He highlights several former child stars who were since met with misfortune include the late Corey Haim.


NewsAu reports: In the episode The Peanut Butter Kid, Stewie becomes an overnight celebrity after starring in a peanut butter advertisement.

Brian warns Stewie that being a star at such a young age has its downsides:

“There are tons of actors like this.

“They all started out just like you, but eventually, they were destroyed by their parents’ greed, drugs, or perverted Hollywood directors.”

Stewie then responds: “Oh — like Bryan Singer!”

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