Mel Gibson: Hollywood Elites ‘Kill Innocent Children & Drink Their Blood’

Movie star blows the whistle on entertainment industry pedophile ring

In a shocking exposé, movie star Mel Gibson has blown the whistle on the epidemic of “parasites” who “control Hollywood” that are involved in child sacrifice and pedophilia.The Lethal Weapon star said that “every studio in Hollywood is bought and paid for with the blood of innocent children,” adding that the “most valuable currency is the blood of babies.”

While in London, England promoting his latest role in Daddy’s Home 2, Gibson described entertainment industry elites as an “enemy to mankind” who “feast on the blood of innocent children.”He said key players in the movie business “get their kicks from destroying the sanctuary of children” as they “thrive on breaking every God-given taboo known to man.”
“They have a blatant disregard for the good of the people.”Destroying people’s lives is just a game to them – the more pain they can cause, the better the thrill.”Children a just sustenance to them.”They feast on the pain and fear, and the younger, the better.” “These people follow their own religion and use it for moral guidance.”It’s not the sort of religious teachings you folks would ever hear about.”They perform sacred rituals that are sick and totally at odds with the moral fabric that binds most patriotic Americans.”The worst part: It’s an open secret in Hollywood and everyone wants in on it.”

Mel Gibson appeared on British prime-time BBC chatshow, The Graham Norton Show on Friday, where the veteran actor answered questions from shocked guests, in the green room backstage after his appearance, regarding the true nature of Hollywood “elites.” He explained how he had been blacklisted by Hollywood’s controlling oligarchs in 2006 for voicing his opinions about the industry that clashed with their liberal agenda.He said that since then he has been “working outside of the system” which has given him a fresh perspective, saying:

“It’s difficult to comprehend, I know, and I’m sorry that I am the one to break this to you, but Hollywood is an institutionalized pedophile ring.”They use and abuse kids for their own sick ‘spiritual beliefs,’ if you can even call them that. “I don’t fully understand it myself, but they harvest these kids for their energy and feast on their blood.”They don’t do it mercifully either, they scare the sh*t out of them before they sacrifice them.

“The more innocent the child, the more terrified they are, the more they thrive on it,” said the Braveheart star. “What does that mean? “They aren’t doing this as some form of artistic expression: They are harvesting the blood of children and eating their flesh because they think it gives them some sort of ‘life force.’”If the child was mentally and physically suffering when they died, then it gives them ‘extra life force.’”I don’t understand why they do that, but that’s what they do.”Most of us have a moral compass that guides us through life, right?”

These people don’t have that, or if they do, it’s pointing in the opposite direction.”
Gibson, who has spent the last 30 years working inside and outside of the Hollywood regime, says that the industry’s hierarchy “thrives on abuse, pain, torture, stress, and suffering.”According to Gibson, the desire to inflict such abuse isn’t limited to just the elite, but only “those at the top of the food chain can afford such a ‘luxury,’” although, it’s a “goal for most people in the industry.”

“Hollywood is drenched in innocent children’s blood.”The references to pedophilia and cannibalism have always been there, but for years they cryptic or symbolic.”I was introduced to these practices in the early 2000s and was threatened with serious repercussions should I ever speak out.”And, I don’t just mean my career, I mean my life was threatened, my family’s life would be in danger.”I can only talk about it now as those people, those industry executives, they’re all dead now.”They see the blood of a sexually abused infant as the ‘ultimate prize’ and say that it’s ‘highly enriched.’

”Babies are like a ‘premium currency’ and hold a higher value of anything else you can think of: Diamonds, drugs, caviar, you name it.”They are literally trading these kids like a currency for favors, movie roles, kickbacks…”

According to Gibson, this perversion isn’t just the latest fad but has been a deep-threaded culture in Hollywood for generations, and is something popular among both men and women. “This isn’t anything new and has been taking place since before Hollywood was even founded.”If you research this phenomenon, you will find lurking in the shadows of every dark era in history.”These dark, multidimensional occult practices have been used in secret societies for hundreds of years.”Hollywood is being used for social programming and mind control and their message is being projected into the psyche of the American people…”People everywhere.”



    • My friend, Ted Gunderson exposed the Conspiracy in Silence video after receiving it in the mail. It had been cancelled on television, even after being scheduled in the TV Guide. Ted was a white male, so don’t generalize like that. There are great Americans as well as ass holes of every color.

      • Very true so let’s not think that since he is not white the kids are safe. Only a fool would believe it’s just white people. Black people have been paid in Hollywood too and they are involved as well. I’m black just ao you know. From the music to the movies, Hollywood is sick and soon the whole world will be against those sick fucks. It don’t matter what color it is my brothers evil has mo color remember that.

        • First of all, I don’t argue with your premise. What I do argue with is numbers. There are just not that many child black actors in Hollywood.

    • It is only a white male thing because they have the most numbers of wealth. There are people of all races and the more money they have the deeper in blood they are. It is not about skin color or even sex, it is about having the money to pay for it. I can think of 3 women off the bat that are implicated in this. There is even a video on the dark web of 2 of them cutting the face off a little girl they just sexually abused and then murder. Like the story they thrill in causing as much terror and pain in the children before they murder them. This is end times stuff.

        • Obama didn’t expose either……no other presidents have. FACT. TRUMP IS THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS THE BALLS TO. HE GIVES NO FUCKS.

        • Trump was friends with the king of this shitt, jeffrey epstein dum-ass, he even was accused of raping a 13 year old along with jeff epstein u f**ing idiot OPEN YOUR EYES

          • seriously?!? Trump crossed paths with Epstein due to the fact that Trump was an elite-but Not like ‘THE ELITES’ Go check your “facts”…..he NEVER stuck with those pedo blood suckers…..but he DID collect all the information he Could during those years….and it made Him Sick and he vowed he Would do something about it when the time was right. He studied SunTzu JUST for that Reason! Go read up……………

          • Hey fuck tard!! Ever hear of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer! Trumps a BILLIONAIRE!!! He didn’t take a $400K bullshit job to rape babies, bitch! And if YOU did any research at all you’d know this has been a thing and a mission for him to shut down these fuckers! He mingles to stay in the know but has never fit in w them. That’s why they’ve been trying to get rid of him from day one!! So OPEN YOUR EYES…A$$HAT!!

    • Yeah the white male shit, unnecessary. it’s obviously a class issue way more than a race issue, and that is OBVIOUS across the entire spectrum of racial tension. Also the primary force behind Feminisn as LGBT movement . The more we fight over black and white, male or female. That’s the reason for the red flag laws…. they need neighbor to hate neighbor. We don’t stand a chance of identifying and addressing the real issues. All they would need to do now is turn the lights off and we would all kill each other……pathetic

    • Bull shit to say its white males. I’m a Jesus loving white male. I protect my children and gladly give my life for any of them. These practices have been going on for thousands of years and didn’t start in American. So to say its a white male problem is just stupid.

      • This isn’t about color!! It’s about SICK people hurting the children. SICK women are involved too. Gibson isn’t the first to expose this, yet nothing has been done about?

      • I watched Scooby boo 2002 movie. It shows a black guy doing voodoo sacrifycing chickens and the white guy, Rowan Atkinson, sacrificing children for their life force in a cave.

    • Not just among White males–Jewish males of semetic desent (Afro-Asiatic to be exact). Jay-Z and his “African Queen” are at the top of the prymid. So your race baiting is repulsive and counter active to the movement of get this sickness uncovered.

    • Stop being ignorant. We have the emails of John Podesta, so this is not solely an RNC issue, but mainly DNC. with that said, it’s not about color, race, or gender. All have fallen short of the glory of GOD

      • Boy are you going to be disappointed. It’s the TRUTH! Don’t you recall all the bones found beneath the Vatican? Don’t you recall the offices of the Vatican being investigated? It’s coming. The truth is coming and you will be shocked beyond belief. Open your eyes!

      • Sorry to tell you but there is indeed the Illuminate within the highest degree of the Masons who worship Satan and Witchcraft, I became a Mason nearly 40 years and have seen first hand the books and worshiping practised the highest degree follows. It is no accident that members of Royal families, Presidents and World Leaders are inducted into the highest Masonic Degree without having to ascend through each one in order, once inducted they become part of their elite system of corruption and Satanic worship.

      • Louis Minotti I hate to be the one to break it to you, Sir, but I believe you are greatly and horrifically mistaken. There is overwhelming evidence.


  2. Pretty in-depth information and I believe it… interesting there’s no sources mentioned besides Gibson’s name

    • I used to love Mel Gibson but he messed up too. He pulled a lot of bad shenanigans including leaving wife and family. What’s that verse? “
      Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam in they own eye, and then shalt thou see to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye” still love all the good you’ve done. Never to late for us to get our s..t together!

  3. McCauley McCulken, Home Alone star, tweeted during Oscsars that Jim Carrey, comedian, was president of this satanic group.

  4. They even made animated movies about this subject. The movie ” monsters Inc, is a subliminal movie with subliminal messages.

  5. You are sadly mistaken. I’ve researched this nightmarish behalf for years. The Catholic Church and the vatacan are in past their heads in this nightmare of pedophiles, sex slaves, murdering. Sadly, the illuminati is as real as your breathe is life.

  6. God be with us! This is the ends of times. If you don’t believe it, read the Bible. God warned us of the horrible things that would happen before Jesus returns. These are the most evil things that I have ever heard of! Jesus said that those that hurt one of his children do it to Him. Jesus please come soon!

    • There is no such thing as “end of times” . There sure is an end on the horizon… An end for the evil beings, not the end of times.

  7. You know why black people make it a racist thing all the time? Because they are the biggest racists in the world and try to cover it up by saying everybody else is.

    • Black people cannot be racist. You don’t understand the meaning of the word. To be racist denotes thinking one’s race is superior over another’s. Whites have held to the superior ideology forever. Blacks have NEVER.
      Blacks can be prejudiced against white people but then again prejudice can be applied to so many things. Prejudice is determined based upon a personal dislike or perceived notion of a person place or even a thing. Fat people ,religion, social status, gender, sexual orientation. Here are some prejudicial thoughts. Old people smell,women are victims, Asians are bad drivers, blacks get welfare checks.
      Blacks can be prejudiced. They can dislike white people. Many do without giving themselves the chance to know any. But they hold no feelings of superiority so not racist.
      Same for whites except they can be both. That’s why the Klan, Neo Nazis, Skinheads, Proudboys and other hate groups exist.

  8. I used to love Mel Gibson but he messed up too. He pulled a lot of bad shenanigans including leaving wife and family. What’s that verse? “
    Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam in they own eye, and then shalt thou see to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye” still love all the good you’ve done. Never to late for us to get our s..t together!

  9. Kabbalists. This is the work of the secret Jewish Kabbalah followers. The Antichrist will be Jewish.. they want everyone to look at the Roman Catholics (who are screwed up too) so you will miss what’s really going on. Kabbalist Rabbis drink the blood of children.. this mystical teaching is the foundation of all witchcraft, secret societies & wickedness. Our world is falling apart. Thank God the Messiah they rejected is my Savior & is in control, with all power. They will bow before him one day & receive the reward of hell for their evil deeds.

    • Please don’t push these lies. There might be people of Jewish origin mixed up in this mess like Epstein, but this is not a “Jewish” thing. Any truly God Fearing religious Jew would absolutely abhor all of this and especially someone knowledgeable in Kabbalah.

  10. Sorry, uh, this expose is…where? It seems like it’s an article printed for sites like this that swim in the deep water of pizzagate and crazy qanon theory: is there like an actual outlet that reports news or some sort of recording of him saying all this somewhere? Because right now it’s as good as fiction.

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