Netflix Under Fire For Promoting Pedophilia In Children’s Cartoon

Netflix has come under fire after releasing a new comedy about the sexuality of children which openly promotes and celebrates pedophilia. 

As pedophile rings in government, the Catholic church and entertainment industry continue to be exposed, the elites are desperately attempting to normalize the sexual abuse of children at an alarming rate. reports: Against this backdrop, Netflix is pushing the boundaries of what is culturally acceptable with a new comedy about the sexuality of children.

Exploring the primary theme of puberty, Big Mouth is a new show by producer Nick Kroll in which a cartoon cast experiences the changes that come at this awkward stage in life. Although this subject is undoubtedly uncomfortable for young people, and is traditionally taught by parents and/or sexual education programs in schools, the new show turns puberty into a comedy for adults.

As noted by Vigilant Citizen:

“For some bizarre, disturbing and upsetting reason, the sexualization of children is also part of that agenda. Slowly but surely, new content keeps pushing the envelope, slightly going too far, chipping away at moral decency to make the sexuality of children fair game.

Why? Because Hollywood and the world elite are full of children lovers and they want to normalize their derangement.”

 This view is not the mainstream however, and most big media organizations are praising and happily promoting this show, in spite of the fact that the 3 minute trailer features some truly disturbing moments.

Here, a father explains to his son that it’s okay to kiss a penis.

Speaking to Time magazine, Kroll explains a bit, saying, “As open as society is, there are still certain things that we feel like are too awkward to talk about, and those are the things that we wanted to zero in on specifically.”

He goes on about the creative leeway he was given by Netflix, pushing their limits to find the right balance of perversion and acceptability for a network which recently featured Bill Nye’s now infamous episode of Bill Nye Saves the World on ‘The Sexual Spectrum,’ introducing the concept of gender neutrality to kids.

“Netflix gave us incredible latitude in going for it. In fact, [they] encouraged us at almost every stage to just go for it. In that first episode, Nick sees Andrew’s penis. Now there aren’t probably a ton of animated shows where you’d see a 13-year-old boy’s penis. But it’s incredibly important to the story that you see this other boy’s penis and how it makes him feel because his penis doesn’t look like that yet.

There [was] one moment in [a different episode] where Netflix was like, “Hey this is too far.” I won’t even explain it because it was too graphic. And we agreed, we were on the same page. We knew we had an opportunity to show and talk about stuff that really has never been discussed as directly as we hoped to do. So we leaned into it.”

Here, a very creepy grown male monster with a penis shaped nose invades the boys’ bedroom to tell them about nocturnal emissions.

And here, a young girl has a conversation with her vagina.

No longer bound to the strict traditionalist formats of broadcast television, producers no longer have to use subtlety to promote an agenda, and in this case the agenda is changing the sexual values of a society to normalize the once perverse. Furthermore, as this show is aimed at adults, it serves to legitimize children’s sexuality as a form of entertainment.

Television programming is called programming because it seeks to program the cultural values of a population. It is social engineering, and when looked at in the context of the world today, a show like serves to further the agenda of sexual perversion and predation in a society which is already on the brink of moral annihilation.

Watch the disturbing trailer for yourself, here:


  1. you’re a fucking moron. it’s a goddamned cartoon. Where was your outrage over Rick and Morty? There’s literally a dick in every scene!

    Get over yourself, you overgrown manchild.

    • Yeah that’s not what I got from the show at all. The show does a good job at taking aim at topics you couldn’t get away with using real kids or teens but are real world kid and teen topics. Everything in the show is real shit that applies to youngsters going through puberty. I believe it’s more nostalgic and also may be helpful connecting parents and kids in reminding parents what it was like to go through that time of life. Seriously, was your puberty filled hormonal phase in life more like Full House or like Big Mouth?

      I think this pedo bullshit is just someone who got they’re delicate sensitivities offended by a boundary pushing show.

      If they were trying to normalize pedophilia then you would expect there to be some sort of inappropriate relationship going on between the adults and the children, at least two of them.

  2. good evening, i feel this artical is fake news. 1, the ‘very creepy grown monster’ is the hormone monster helping the boy grow up and understand the changes he is going through. 2, i do not see any pedofilia on this cartoon. i have watched both seasons and not once have i came across any signs of pedofilia. 3, this show is not a childrens animation, it is rated 16+. if you’re going to write articles, please in future make sure they have the correct information.

  3. I love the other three losers and their comments. Nick Kroll said himself he would love to tell kids to watch it, but is afraid to, but if they did, they would learn something. It is aimed at teens and adults they say. What interest would older teens and adults have in shows featuring kids pulling on big penises, talking to vaginas, etc. When I was a teen, I always laughed at over the top stuff all the time, we all do. But stuff with kids in it? That would never have happened. I have two teen boys who told me about this show. In THEIR words, this is a 15 and 17 year old, the supposed target group, stated that there is a show that my 17 year old said is a “pedophile’s delight”. Yes, we are sexualizing kids and perverting what is a normal, fantastic time in someone’s life as they grow into a young adult.

    Let’s face the obvious. Nick Kroll was sexually abused as a kid, and this is his escape valve. If he can normalize this, his guilt for being involved in it is assuaged. Amazing that people find this as entertainment. It says more about them than they realize.

  4. Keep on accepting the unacceptable!! This Country has falling into a mental depression from all this garbage. The innocence has been taken from all of us. This needs to be left at home . It’s time for us to enjoy life again and STOP WITH SEX AND DISGUSTING BEHAVIORS!!!

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