Young Teen Embarks On ‘Sexual Awakening Journey’ With Her Father On TBS Comedy

Just when you thought Hollywood couldn’t sink any lower in their depravity and twisted attempts at humor, especially when it comes to child actors, along comes Tuesday’s episode of TBS’s The Detour, “The Stop.” Which were my thoughts exactly as I watched. “Please, for the literal love of God, make it stop.”

The show is freshly into its third season, which is set in Alaska, as the Parker family is on the run from the law. They are wanted in questioning for crimes committed by Robin’s (Natalie Zea) father. The show was originally based on real-life road trips by married producers Jason Jones and liberal extremist Samantha Bee. Jones plays husband Nate Parker on the show.

But it was the sexually explicit storyline for child actress Ashley Gerasimovich, who is celebrating her 14th birthday at the time of this writing, that was the most egregious in this episode. Gerasimovich plays daughter Delilah Parker who appears to be the same age on the show, having been dubbed the “young, teenage daughter” by TV Series Hub in a recent interview.

In the beginning of the episode, we see Delilah sitting on top of a stationary snowmobile with the engine running. Her father Nate is currently a stay-at-home dad while her mother Robin is working as a stripper at a nearby bar. When Delilah sits down to eat Nate’s “rocketship pancakes” that are more phallic than rocketship, she laments that she can’t talk to her father the way she can her mother and that she wishes he could understand her the way her mother does.

Later, after Nate takes a “blue pill” to help him have relations with his wife, and is looking at provocative pictures online, he finally develops an erection and he dances around the house to celebrate. Soon thereafter, though, Delilah walks in and decides she’s willing to share what she’s been keeping to herself…that she had her first orgasm on the snowmobile and now can’t stop sitting on it.

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