6-Year-Old Rescued From Satanic Pedophile Ring After Mother Burned Alive

Child tortured and raped after witnessing mother burned at the stake in sacrifice

A 6-year-old girl has been rescued from a Satanic pedophile ring, who had tortured and raped her after forcing her to watch her mother being burned alive at the stake in a ritual sacrifice.

The child victim, known only as “Justice,” narrowly avoided being killed herself by the occult group, when she was saved during a raid by authorities.

The young girl was rescued from a village in Enga province of Papua New Guinea last week with Prime Minister Peter O’Neill demanding an end to Satanic ritualistic torture.

According to investigators, the group had killed the girl’s mother to instill as much pain and fear in the child as possible and continued to the process by raping and torturing her, which was the final stage before they would have killed her.

This process is apparently popular among pedophilia networks and Satanist as it releases adrenalin into the victim’s blood, which they then drink after the sacrifice.

O’Neill said violent sexual abuse and torture, largely perpetrated by powerful men, against children must stop.

His call comes after the Papua New Guinea Tribal Foundation, a charity to help indigenous peoples, revealed the rescue of a young girl last week.

The girl had been used in a ritual to create Adrenochrome, which is a drug formed in the blood through fear, and is believed to be used by global elites who drink the blood to “get high.”

According to the charity, the girl and been raped by multiple pedophiles and received burns and slash wounds from heated knives.

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