“Art” Exhibition Promotes Pedophilia

A closed to the public So called “Art” exhibition in Brazil has been rightly lashed out against after an outraged mother saw the disturbing images and videos on social media, then voiced her anger online.

The many images and videos show a naked adult man parading around with and being handled by girls as young as 4 years old.

The museum by the name of MAM in Sao Paulo has been contacted and questioned about the closed door “Art” show, although maintains it was all innocent and the Parents of the children gave full concent for the kids to participate. Well in my view those Parents should not have the privilege of rearing those children. Parents are supposed to protect their child.

And how is this Art?…my understanding of Art had always been a painting on a wall or a good song.

This is clearly just more attempts at normalizing pedophilia by greying the moral lines through “Art”

Just like the pedophilic paintings owned by the Podesta brothers and the twisted Transgender kids parents, parading their kids down catwalks .

Even sexualizing the kids minds through the warped Safe Schools programs here in Australia, where they normalize all kinds of sexual behaviors to school children.

This sickness in society needs to be dealt with and fast……….



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