British Man Gets Prison Sentence For Exposing Political Pedophile Ring

Armed police stand outside the Houses of Parliament in London, Britain March 28, 2017 REUTERS/Neil Hall

A man who attempted to expose an elite pedophile ring operating in the British parliament has been charged with perverting the course of justice, according to British reports.

The man, known only as “Nick” for legal reasons, claimed the elite paedophile ring was responsible for murdering three children, and provided names and sordid details to police.

Despite intense criticism by senior political figures and mainstream media, the police spent 18-months investigating the “credible” allegations against some of the UK’s most senior politicians.

After Nick’s complaint, Met Police launched Operation Midland in 2014 and held a press conference where a senior detective described Nick’s allegations as “credible and true“, according to the BBC.

Nick claimed he was systematically sexually abused and tortured by high-level politicians and senior members of the British armed forces during the 1970s and 80s.

Members of the British elite he accused included former politicians Lord Brittan and Harvey Proctor, and Field Marshall Lord Bramall.

In 2015, the Met carried out a series of high-profile dawn raids on the homes of the VIPs that Nick had accused of operating an elite pedophile ring.

However all of the elite figures denied his allegations and police were unable to find the kind of evidence against that would stand up in court.

Then things turned ugly for Nick. Did the elites he accused of predatory pedophilia use their power to ruin his life?

After the $4 million investigation was closed, without any charges being laid against the accused, Met police were forced to eat crow and were made to apologize for holding the investigation, despite the fact they deemed Nick’s evidence “credible and true.”

After taking the Met police to court, the elites had a judge rule that the police must pay them compensation for daring to investigate them.

A report into Operation Midland, carried out by a retired High Court judge, said the police made a “series of errors” in opening the investigation into the elites and made 25 recommendations on how police should handle similar allegations in the future.

Nick is also being investigated for perverting the course of justice and fraud – a sad irony, if their ever was one.

According to the BBC:

Those he accused included former Conservative politicians Lord Brittan and Harvey Proctor, and Field Marshal Lord Bramall. Mr. Proctor has welcomed the decision to prosecute Nick.

Last September, Northumbria Police passed a file of evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to consider possible charges against Nick.

Thirteen charges.

On Tuesday, the CPS head of special crime said there was “sufficient evidence” to bring 12 charges of perverting the court of justice and one of fraud.

It’s not the first time the British legal system has conspired against those in society determined to bring pedophiles to justice.

Over the last few years, in post Jimmy Savile Britain, child sex rings are finally being exposed after years of official cover-ups. Citizen groups are now tackling the problem of pedophiles themselves and proving much more successful than the police at protecting children.

But national police chiefs have vowed to put an end to these hugely successful pedophile hunter groups in the UK, instructing police officers to start arresting all pedophile hunters.


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