Campaigner For ‘Pedophiles Rights’ Caught Raping Children Disguised As Priest

Virtuous pedo’ Justin Georges Stephen Coulombe arrested for child abuse

A man who refers to himself as a “virtuous pedophile,” who “doesn’t harm children,” has been arrested on sexual assault and child pornography charges.
Justin Georges Stephen Coulombe proudly refers to himself as “one of the good ones” as he posts pro-pedophile content from his social media accounts under the handle @enderphile. Coulombe is extremely active is pushing for “pedophile’s rights” claiming “there’s no harm in being turned on by kids,” while trying to suggest that a “pedophile doesn’t equal a molester.”
“Proud pedo” Coulombe was arrested in Edmonton and has been charged with sexually abusing two young boys and the possession of child porn.
Police are also investigating complaints in Langley, British Columbia, where he used to live, and believe he may have victimized “several more” children.
Investigators say Coulombe was disguising himself as a Catholic Priest to “gain the trust” of children before raping them.
Dangerous reports: Going by the name @enderphile and later @enderphile1 on social media, Coulombe often tweeted about being turned on by young children, stating that he would never harm them.
He described himself as a “non-offending, anti-contact pedophile,” or “virtuous pedophile.”
“Believe it or not, there are pedophiles who never harm kids. Pedophile ≠ molester,” Coulombe tweeted in 2015. ALERT’s Internet Child Exploitation Unit says that Coulombe often masqueraded as a Catholic priest, but has no affiliation with the Catholic Church in Canada or the United States.
Many believed his schtick on the social media platform to be some sort of elaborate joke about child molesters.
His tweets were often shared and retweeted, to the disdain of many on Twitter, prompting his accounts to be reported and suspended multiple times.
Coulombe’s account spawned several impostors pretending to be him, who continued to post after his arrest, prompting some confusion that he was not the man behind the original account. The impostors have not been identified.

Internet sleuths were able to discern his identity after he was doxed, posting details of his home address and photographs, which identify Coulombe as @enderphile and @enderphile1.

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