Captured Pedophile Forced To Crawl Through Streets ‘Game Of Thrones Style’

A pedophile who was captured by an angry mob was forced to crawl through the streets in a Game of Thrones-style public humiliation parade. The child rapist, known only as Miguel, was caught by vigilantes and then lashed in front of the town. He was then forced to walk through the town on his knees to the sound of a ringing bell, as locals threw rotten fruit and vegetables at him and filmed the child abuser’s shame on their phones. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO The town decided to take matters into their own hands after a judge spared him from jail after he had been caught raping his stepdaughter. Now 15-years-old, Miguel had been repeatedly sexually abusing the child over several years, but judges decided he should work to pay for her education rather than serve a prison sentence.

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