Foster Home ‘Pimped’ Children Out For Weekends, Investigation Reveals

Child traffickers are selling foster children to pedophiles

Child traffickers are selling foster children on the weekend according to an investigation by Boston25 News. Investigative reporter, Eric Rasmussen, discovered multiple cases were vulnerable foster children were pimped out on the weekends and then returned to their taxpayer-funded group homes on Monday.
According to records obtained in the investigations, female staff working at the Eliot Atlantic House in Saugus, are suspected of pimping out children for sex at the weekends.
According to reports, one staff member told the foster children she “had a way they could make money together,” according to the report obtained by 25 Investigates.
The girl told investigators the staff member took her to Worcester three times and once to Boston “to have sex with unknown men for money” on the weekends. foster home pimped children out for weekends investigation reveals. According got Boston25: In the report, the girl told investigators she would run away from her group home on weekends because she knew DCF couldn’t get a warrant for her until Monday.

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