Hero Dad Who Killed Pedophile He Caught Abusing His Daughter, Set Free By Judge

A dad who beat a pedophile to death with his bare hands after he caught him abusing his young daughter to create child pornography, has been spared jail following a refreshing verdict.
British dad-of-three Devinder Kainth was found guilty of killing abuser Sandro Rottman and was sentenced to six months after admitting the manslaughter at a restaurant in the upmarket resort of Sotogrande, Spain.
Mr. Kanith was facing a lengthy prison term for the crime, but in a surprise turn of events, the judge suspended the sentence and declared him a “hero” who acted “in the same way any other father would have acted in that position.”
The judge even negotiated a deal with prosecutors to issue the low sentence and then suspend it meaning Kanith could walk free from court. It later emerged that Mr. Kainth, a real estate agent, may even end up being let off with just a fine after his lawyer appealed.

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