Inmate Who Murdered Pedophile In Cell Said It Was A ‘Public Service’

A California inmate who murdered a notorious pedophile told the judge he performing a ‘public service’ and not a crime. Gary Dale Poole was sentenced to 75-years-to-life in prison after a jury convicted him of first-degree murder.
Poole was sentenced for strangling pedophile Michael Stauff to death in April 201. “Mercy was mixed with justice. He met his maker,” Poole told Superior Court Judge Jonathan Conklin. NYPost reports: Poole, 67, had previously denied killing Stauff, who was found strangled by ripped bed sheets in their shared cell.
A jury convicted him of murder after an hour of deliberations in March. The judge called Poole’s admission Tuesday “striking in its audacity” after denying the charge for so long.
“In trial, you said you were innocent. Today, we know that was an absolute fabrication. You did it,” Conklin said in sentencing Poole to the maximum term. Court records showed Poole was convicted of unlawful consensual sex with an inmate, burglary, bank robbery and robbery.
At the time of Stauff’s killing, Poole was in jail on drug charges, court records showed. Prosecutors argued during the trial that Poole killed Stauff because he refused to share food and coffee and the two argued over a television.

Stauff’s cousin, Lynda Qualls, told the judge she and her family appreciate that Stauff’s death was “valued by the court system and not swept under the rug.” Qualls said she hoped Poole would receive mental health counseling in prison. Stauff was awaiting trial on charges of lewd or lascivious acts with a child and continuous sexual abuse of a child.


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  1. So Poole, a convicted burglar and bank robber, murdered a man who had not even seen a trial yet. It sounds like Poole has impulse control issues, and was desperate to prove something positive about himself, and it blew up in his face.

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