Judge Spares Pedophile ‘Predator’ Dwarf Jail: ‘He’d Suffer In Prison’

underage girls aged 13 -15 stalked on Facebook by dwarf

pedophile dwarf has narrowly escaped jail after he asked two teenage girls for sex on Facebook after the judge said he would “suffer in prison”.

Bryan Anthony Bowen had contacted two underage girls aged 13 and 15 on Facebook asking them if they would like to have sex with him or send naked photos.

Bowen, 26, admitted the charges of inciting young girls to commit sexual acts online, receiving a suspended 48-week prison sentence.

IBTimes reports The 15-year-old girl was described as shocked and angry to receive a message saying “do you want to f**k?” on Facebook, prosecutor Anna Price told Mold Crown Court. The girl blocked him, but he sent another message on her 16th birthday saying: “I will f**k you for your birthday present”.

Bowen, 26, admitted two charges of inciting young girls to commit sexual acts online, but the judge suspended his 48-week prison sentence. He was also told to register as a sex offender for 10 years.

Judge Rhys Rowland said the defendant, who has dwarfism, had been “trying to live out some sort of fantasy” but that he would have a very hard time in prison because he is “small in stature, and emotionally inadequate”.

The judge added that what Bowen did was “very, very wrong” nonetheless. After his initial arrest, when his laptop was seized, messages to a 13-year-old on Facebook were discovered in which he described the girl as “fit as f**k”. The messages continued, including one asking her for a naked photo, even though she turned him down.

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