Kids Young As 11 offered ‘Transgender’ Medical Treatment Leaving Them Infertile

LGBT agenda goes up a gear in UK schools

Pupils who have declared themselves transgender in schools are now being offered medical treatment that could leave some infertile according to news reports. 

Bernadette Wren, the consultant clinical psychologist at the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) in London, said that various schools were allowing boys and girls to be treated as the opposite sex “at their request.”

Wren explained that schools were briskly accepting demands by a pupil to change their names, uniforms and gender pronouns as soon as they got a light hint that the child might be “querying their identity.”

This comes as UK primary schools have been told to include books about ‘transgenders’ in their official curriculum according to a new guide to diversity for teachers. The guide adds that dress codes should be ‘modified’ in order to allow staff and pupils to wear clothes suited to their “preferred gender”.

The Express reports: In nine months last year, more than 2,000 children were referred by GPs, schools and support groups. 10% of children referred to treatment clinics change their minds of opt out of treatment.

Schools might wait for the parents to approach them before changing things like names in the register, uniforms, pronouns, toilets, sports.

Ms Wren said nearly half of older children referred to the clinic choose medical treatment to change gender, while only around a quarter of five to 12-year-olds opted for the same.

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