Man Was Sentenced to 300 Years in Prison for Grotesque Child Sex Crimes — Now He’s Free

A Colorado sex offender is allowed to go free after his charges were dropped on a technicality.

Michael Tracy McFadden had been sentenced to 300 years for sexually assaulting six boys and girls. McFadden appealed his conviction, claiming that the delays were violations of Colorado’s statute for a speedy trial, which has a six-month time frame.

The state’s court of appeals ruled in favor of McFadden, allowing him to go free and also denied a retrial.

“I am completely appalled with the decision, I find it offensive that our justice system would allow this to happen,” Colorado District Attorney Dan Rubinstein said. “You’ve heard the phrase before ‘got off on a technicality,’ this is that situation to the most stark sense I’ve ever seen it.”

Many families of the victims are extremely worried about their children’s safety now that their abuser is free.

“There’s not a lot of help that we can give them, this is now a case that will just be dismissed and set aside,” Kathi Raley, who is a victim assistance coordinator, said. “So it’s an unfortunate situation that they’re all in.”


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