Miami Toddler School Linked To Clinton Affiliated Nxivm Cult Shut Down By State

By Miami New Times. In 2015, Raquel Perera, wife of 17-time Latin Grammy winner Alejandro Sanz, debuted a school called the Rainbow Cultural Garden in posh midtown Miami. Speaking to Univision, Perera bragged that by immersing toddlers in as many as seven languages at once, the school would revolutionize teaching. Univision credited a New York guru named Keith Raniere with developing the unusual plan.

Fast-forward nearly three years, and Raniere has now been outed as the leader of an alleged sex cult called NXIVM, which is accused of blackmailing women and branding them with flaming-hot irons. Last month, Raniere was arrested by the FBI on sex-trafficking charges; an Albany home tied to the Rainbow Cultural Garden has been raided by the feds, while British authorities are investigating a Rainbow-affiliated school in London.

Now the State of Florida has ordered the midtown Miami school to shut down immediately after New Times brought the facility to the state’s attention. Florida officials say the school was not currently licensed to operate.

“[The Department of Children and Families] has no tolerance for any activities that put children at risk, including operating an unlicensed child-care facility,” David Frady, a spokesperson for the department, said Thursday. “DCF initiated a child protective investigation and ordered the facility to immediately cease operations this afternoon.”

Neither Perera nor Sanz responded to messages from New Times this week. But through a spokesperson, the school says that it is now owned by a woman named Patricia Pietra and that Perera is no longer affiliated with Rainbow Cultural Garden Miami. (Read more from “Miami Toddler School Linked to Clinton Affiliated Nxivm Cult Shut down by State” HERE)

Actress: Allison Mack Used Feminism to ‘Lure’ Me into Her Sex Cult Nxivm

By The Daily Beast. On Thursday morning, actress Samia Shoaib went on Megyn Kelly TODAY to share her experience of being wooed by top NXIVM recruiter Allison Mack. Shoaib’s story comes in the wake of Mack’s indictment, alongside alleged sex cult leader Keith Raniere, on charges of sex trafficking conspiracy, sex trafficking, and conspiracy to commit forced labor. Mack was released on a $5 million bond on Tuesday to electronically monitored house arrest.

The news that an ex-Smallville actress is being charged as a sex cult second-in-command has shed new light on old tweets, in which Mack appears to be appealing to actresses and influencers on behalf of her unique cause. Mack targeted high-profile women like Emma Watson—she @’d the A-lister multiple times, at one point writing, “I’m a fellow actress like yourself & involved in an amazing women’s movement I think you’d dig. I’d love to chat if you’re open.” . . .

Samia Shoaib told Page Six on Saturday that Mack targeted her after the two met at a 2013 NBC audition. Shoaib, who appeared in The Sixth Sense and Sex and the City, described Mack as “fragile and gaunt,” but admitted, “I wish I could tell you alarm bells went off, but they really didn’t. She was a very sweet girl.”

Shoaib went into more detail on Thursday, describing Mack’s attempts to recruit her to JNess, the NXIVM women’s group that Mack raved about on her personal website and in video testimonials. Shoaib told Megyn Kelly that, within days of meeting Mack, the Smallville actress had sent her “dozens of emails” and talked up her women’s movement. Mack also put Shoaib on an email list through which she received various invitations, including one to a 2015 gathering that billed Mack as a speaker and “leader of JNess.” (Read more from “Actress: Allison Mack Used Feminism to ‘Lure’ Me into Her Sex Cult Nxivm” HERE)

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