Mom ‘Prayed For Pedophile Demon’ Instead Of Calling Police: 16 Years Of Abuse

Woman ‘prayed to God’ for pedo to leave her children alone, sexual abuse spanned 2 decades
A mother has told police that she “prayed to God” to ask for help when a “demon” pedophile was raping her children instead of reporting the crimes to the authorities.
Sarah Kester claims that she believed her 48-year-old husband, Lester Kester Jr., was “possessed by an evil spirit” that was causing him to rape her young daughters, so she prayed for help.
The 50-year-old mother left her husband to sexually abuse their daughters for 16 years instead of calling the police, believing that God would stop him, it is claimed.
Mrs. Kester, says she also tried to keep her husband “busy” in a bid to stop him assaulting their four young girls in accordance with her religious beliefs, sheriffs say.

Metro reports: After being arrested, she told sheriff’s deputies her church insisted such matters should remain a family matter instead of calling outside agencies for help.
The Kesters, who are members of the insular Followers of Christ Church, were only exposed after one of their daughters, who is now an adult, called police in June to tell them about what she allegedly endured.
Her father was arrested on July 11, and repeated his wife’s claims that he had been consumed by a ‘bad guy’ or ‘demon,’ according to the Idaho Press. Kester, of Caldwell, Idaho, admitted sexually abusing his four girls when they were between the ages of 10 and 12, between around 2000 and 2016, according to Canyon County Sheriff’s Office.

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