Monster Mom Invites Strange Man To Sexually Assault 16-Year-Old Daughter As She Stands Guard

An Australian mom is behind bars after she arranged for her 16-year-old daughter to be raped by a stranger as she stood guard by the hotel door to make sure there would be no interruptions, as reported by The Sun.

Therese Butler reportedly took 16-year-old daughter Peta Butler, now 27, on a “girl’s weekend” in 2006, plying her with booze before placing her in a cheap hotel room and letting a “balding, fat man” only known as Thommo into the room, locking it shut behind her and guarding it. That’s when Thommo, who has yet to be captured, sexually assaulted the 16-year-old, as Therese sat outside the door knowing full well what was going on, according to the report.

well what was going on, according to the report.

Peta spoke out, after a decade, to Australian news program A Current Affair and expressed grief and outrage over the horrific incident.

“I think to myself ‘how could a mum do what she did’?” She said, weeping as she remembered waiting for her mother to come in and save her. “I was hoping she was going to come in and stop it.”

“She knew what was happening.”

Thommo and Therese reportedly met on the Internet, and authorities have said that that offering up her daughter for sexual assault was part of their dating ritual. It was years before Therese admitted what she had done, when Peta confronted her on the telephone, in a terrifying confession which was captured by police.

“I wouldn’t have taken you down there unless you were 16,” Therese reportedly said in the confession.

“It was still… yeah … it was still rape, but you were 16. I wouldn’t let him touch you under, under sixteen, no way”.

Therese was sentenced to four years behind bars, but could be released in October of this year.

“She set it up and she murdered me on that day, She might as well have,” Peta said on the news show.

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