Nebraska Man Arrested For Killing 30 Pedophiles In ‘Murder Spree’

A Nebraska man, dubbed a “hero” by locals, has been arrested and charged with the murder of 30 pedophiles, after police caught him attempting to kill a notorious child rapist behind an Omaha McDonald’s restaurant. 

The authorities were responding to a call for attempted robbery behind a McDonald’s in Omaha when they found Joel Miller, 42, sitting on top of the alleged child abuser with his hands around the man’s throat.

Miller was apparently pleading with the police saying, “Give me one more minute, I’ve almost got him.” However the vigilante was forced to back down at gunpoint by police before he managed to kill the pedophile.

He was arrested for assault and attempted murder but during questioning he confessed to authorities that he has killed more than 30 people in the last 15 years — and they were all registered sex offenders.

‘He went through something horrific himself’

Investigators said that Miller told them that he started the killing spree after he went through “something horrific” himself.

“I’ve been killing pedos and perverts for, damn, close to 15 years now. It started a few years back, after a girl I was dating was raped and murdered. I tracked the guy down myself, slit his throat. I realized I had a real knack for it after that, so I kept going.”

Miller kept a list of all the registered sex offenders in a little black book. He started focusing on pedophiles after his friends’ daughter was molested.

A friend of mine – we go way back – his daughter was molested by his babysitter’s boyfriend.”

Everyone knew he did it. The police couldn’t prove it. The girl, she’s only 7, she clammed right up. Barely spoken since, and she won’t admit it. Well, I did the world a favor when I cut his d*ck off and rammed it down his throat.

Miller’s only regret is that is that he wasn’t able to kill the three other perverts still on his list.

Even though Miller’s actions may have served the ‘greater good’, the 42-year-old is likely to face the death penalty.

NE Police Departments Chief Mizner says, “Although we can’t condone vigilante justice, you can’t help but ignore the positive effect it must have had on the community. If the suspect really did kill all of those known sex offenders, then he most likely spared a lot of innocent lives in the process. He understands the severity of what he has confessed to, but he seems to be at peace.

NEPD was told that the full investigation would take time because the crimes go back as far as 2002.

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  1. The guys a hero in my book and should be not arrested and worshiped as a hero we need pedophile killers like him in this world to bring the fear of god wrath on them. There is one thing I hate in this world and it is pedophiles I enjoy ripping their heads off and chopping of every body part and feeding it to my dogs. The guy should be know as a hero and to the police man who arrested him if you love pedophiles so much and want to give them human rights then you are a monster. This is why police deserve no respect and should be hated with passion. Police who arrest heroes like this are pedophiles in disguise they just do not want to admit it anyone who sides with those sickos is one too and will rot in hell along with them freaks.

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