Notorious Pedophile Found Beaten To Death In Prison Cell

A notorious pedophile has been found beaten to death in his cell only days after arriving in the California prison. The convicted child rapist was killed by another inmate less than a week after entering the Californian jail. Officials confirmed that 66-year-old Agustin Duran died as the result of a homicide following an incident at Wasco State Prison on July 7. Investigators believe that the suspect killed Duran with his “bare hands” after learning of crimes.
The prison’s correctional officers responded after 19-year-old Andres Ayon repeatedly punched the child molester in the face and torso after Duran was reportedly “boasting” about his crimes. Ayon continued to attack Duran even after the alarm had been sounded and all the other inmates got on the ground. Ayon eventually got down on the ground after officers deployed a pepper spray grenade, the California Department of Correction and Rehabilitations (CDRC) said. By the time they got to his body, Duran was already unresponsive and declared dead on the scene.

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