Notorious Pedophile Found Disemboweled In Prison Cell After ‘Boasting’ Of Crimes

Convicted child abuser killed after telling other inmates about his crimes

A notorious convicted pedophile has been found dead in his prison cell after being disemboweled by other inmates for “boasting” about his crimes.
28-year-old Mitchell Harrison was serving a four-year sentence for raping a 13-year-old girl in the infamous Frankland Prison, where prolific child killer Ian Huntley had his throat slashed in 2010.
Prison guards reported that Harrison was “proud” of his crimes and often “boasted” to other inmates about serial sexual assaults against children that he was never convicted of.
In prison, fellow inmates have a legendary disdain for pedophiles and derisively call them “chesters,” “tree jumpers” and “short eyes.”
Harrison was no exception to prison justice, and after bragging about his crimes, he was found dead in his cell after he’d been gutted alive and had his penis cut off and stuffed into his mouth.
Being killed in such a way has become a trademark method of killing known child abusers, with the genitals being removed and placed in the mouth as a warning message to other pedophiles.
It is believed that other prisoners had made makeshift weapons using toothbrushes and razor blades that they used to carry out the gruesome execution. Frankland Prison currently holds over 800 prisoners with around 120 inmates on Harrison’s wing alone. According to investigators, it’s unlikely that the killers will be found due to the lack of cooperation from any potential witnesses.

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