NY Times: Raping Children Shouldn’t Be A Crime, Pedophiles Are ‘Born That Way’

Mainstream media attempts to normalize pedophilia

As the truth further unravels on the depths of child abuse among the global elite, the mainstream media continues scrambling to convince the public that pedophilia is “normal”.

An awakening seems to be gripping the masses as the veil is slowly lifted on the pedophile rings that have managed to stay hidden in the shadows for far too long.

Outside commentators such as Russian President Vladimir Putin have exposed these powerful Elites, stating that the West is “controlled by Satanic pedophiles”.

Putin has also drawn attention to the Western corporate-owned media for attempting to brainwash the public by “normalize pedophilia”.

Now, it seems, the New York Times is trying hard to push the idea that adults who rape children shouldn’t be considered criminals, but should be accepted by society in the same way that same-sex couples are treated.

Inquisitor reportsNew York Times bestselling author Jerome Corsi has a rather lengthy column up bashing research and interviews from psychiatrists, who have indicated that America is doing pedophilia sufferers a disservice by planting the stigma on them that it does.

Others from websites like the National Review have played up the connection between how same-sex marriage came to be accepted and how those very supporters now want to bring the same level of normalcy to a relationship between an adult and an underage boy or girl.

After reading through some of these sites and blogs, admittedly not delving too deeply, I had to ask the question: Is this just conservatives being conservative, or is there really an element out there that wants to normalize pedophilia?

It took some digging, but I think I’ve found the core of conservative outrage, and it seems to stem from an opinion piece in the New York Times written by columnist Margo Kaplan.

What did Kaplan have to say?

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