Pedophile Disguised As ‘Evil Clown’ Found Hiding Under Child’s Bed

Convicted pedophile with string of child abuse offences exploited children’s fears

Parents from Illinois alerted local authorities after their 8-year-old daughter’s ‘reoccurring nightmare’ of an ‘evil clown’ hiding under her bed turned out to be a wanted pedophile.

Wendy And Darren McCabe said their daughter, Abbey, began complaining about a ‘not-very-nice clown’ hiding under her bed and would only come out at night ‘to do sex to her’.

“Abbey wouldn’t go to sleep, she kept complaining about this clown who would hide under her bed, we put it down to ‘nightmares’. But in the morning she would get up and tell us about this clown in such detail, it was all very creepy” recalls Wendy.

On 15 October 2016, both Darren and Wendy had gone out to celebrate friend’s 45th birthday party, leaving Abbey with their babysitter, Michelle.

“The McCabe’s had asked me to babysit on Thursday evening so they could go out for their friend’s party” recalls Michelle in her report to the police.

“I put Abbey to bed around 8 pm but she became scared and told me that she didn’t want to be near the clown.

“I told her to ignore it and just go to sleep.

“I left the room and heading downstairs to make something to eat, then I heard her screaming.”

Michelle recalled running back upstairs to Abbey’s room to check if she was ok, only to find a 6ft man dressed as a clown towering over her bed.

“As I entered the room, what I saw, I mean… It was my worst nightmare and a horror film rolled into one” recalls Michelle.

“I couldn’t breath, I screamed and ran downstairs to call the police, I didn’t know what else to do.”


fenwick s crimes mirrors that of serial killers an rapist john wayne gacy © press
Fenwick’s crimes mirrors that of serial killers an rapist John Wayne Gacy
The man was 31-year-old Martin Fenwick, a convicted pedophile who called himself Bungle and routinely hid in children’s bedrooms and exploited children’s nightmares for his own sexual gratification.

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