Pedophile Hunter Arrested After Vowing To Take Down Elite Pedophilia Ring

Police arrest vigilante who vowed to end child abuse networks

A self-confessed pedophile hunter has been arrested by police after he vowed to take down an elite pedophilia ring. Rich Warner of Adelaide, Australia has become infamous on social media for his vigilante work in chasing down child abusers.
The 42-year-old father was arrested by SA Police on serious charges after posting warnings on YouTube that he “wouldn’t rest” until he had “destroyed the elite pedophile rings” and threatened to begin “doxing” high-level child sex offenders.
Mr. Warner was using fake profiles on social media to pose as children and lure in pedophiles. After arranging to meet with them, he would make a citizens arrest and call the police, while filming his busts and uploaded them online.
But now it seems as though Warner’s rogue detective work has attracted some dangerous attention, with the hunter now becoming the hunted.
Yahoo reports: Police have charged him with aggravated assault and publishing the identity of a person charged with a sex offense.

Speaking to 7 News last week, he denied being a pedophile vigilante. “I was interested to see how many were out there and how many would respond, and I was shocked,” he said. The 42-year-old father was unrepentant when he posted a message to YouTube on Thursday. “We will do everything we can to bust them in the future and are hopeful that the police will change their attitudes to our actions,” he stated.

Warner posted a warning message to YouTube that was later removed by the site Police say one person lured online by Warner has been charged with sex offenses.

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  1. I have been around people who work in the legal field to find and arrest pedophiles and to be candid, a great many of them who do that line of work is because they themselves have an allure to the subject matter. It gives them the ability to view the material and place the blame on others –masking their own guilt. I would not trust any of them — check out the case of Anthony Mangione an ICE agent arrested for having that crap in his possession!

  2. Keep up the good work. Never fear the consequences of doing the right thing. We all need to be following in your footsteps. Or perhaps we can make an AI (try arresting that police) to run the operations. Remember many politicians, top judges, heads of intelkigence agencies and heads of police are infact blackmailed pedophiles promoted into these positions to protect the satanic child killing globalists. And tbey wont stop untill we stop them!

    It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” 
    ― Jiddu Krishnamurti

  3. Free Rich Warner! How is it that pedophiles are protected from being exposed and can keep on lurng and hurting children but the guy who tries to make things secure for his children and other children can’t do what is right for our kids? This is upsidedown thinking. It takes all of us to stop pedophellia and abuse of children. Rich had his own way and it will take us all. I move and declare that he is released from custody and able to continue doing what may hinder the spread of pedophelia in his neighborhood.

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