Pedophile Who Escaped Justice ‘For Years’ Gets Life In Philippine Prison

A notorious pedophile from Amsterdam who escaped justice ‘for years’ was finally arrested and sentenced to life in prison on the Philippines for abusing multiple mentally and physically disabled children. The the70-year-old convicted pedophile was also previously convicted of sexually abusing his stepdaughters, age 10 and 14 years according to Amsterdam police. Joep M was arrested in the Philippines following a tip from Amsterdam sex crime detectives, then was convicted and sentenced in April of this year. In 2008, Joep M attempted to open a child care institution, but the Dutch police stepped in to stop him.
According to Two Amsterdam sex crime detectives continued to monitor M. because they feared for recidivism until he disappeared in 2010. In 2012 the Dutch police tracked him down, via a face-to-face and in which M. was looking for a Philippine woman of around 25 years old, preferably with children. He wanted to open an orphanage with this woman. At around the same time, a tip led the Dutch police to a website on which M. offered services as the leader of a daycare.

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