Pedophile Who Murdered 8-Year-Old, Killed In Prison By Cellmate

A pedophile, who was convicted of raping and murdering an 8-year-old girl, has been found dead in his prison cell after allegedly being killed by his cellmate on Friday.
59-year-old Anthony Joseph Palma was found in his cell by a corrections officer during a regularly scheduled security check at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary around 7.30pm and could not be revived.
Authorities have yet to release details on how Palma died, or the name of the inmate they believe killed him.
Palma was serving life in prison without parole for the 1997 murder of eight-year-old Kirsten Renee Hatfield in Midwest City, Oklahoma, a crime which he was only arrested for in 2015.

Authorities believe he was killed by his cellmate who is serving a sentence for first-degree murder. Medical staff attempted to revive Palma but were unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead, according to reports.

Palma died 13 months after he was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the murder of Kirsten Hatfield, reports the Daily Mail.

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  1. I’d really like to know what the hell is the point in letting that acumbag HAVE life without parole. What purpose does he serve NONE! Be off with his head. The tax payers don’t want to support the thing for the rest of his life; 3 meals a day , a inside bed to sleep in, medical & dental no worries about rent, bills. I’m not saying it’s a great life, it shouldn’t be. If. her parents work tjier tax dollars go to pay his way. That’s disgusting what happen to, and justice for all”? Someone needs to get thier head out of thier butts and stand up for these kids and their families.

  2. There can be incidents where some understanding or at least measured response may be the way forward, but murdering a child deliberately is not one of those times. Agree. Death penalty. Quickly. Before the pizza gets cold.

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