Police Take Down Child Trafficking Ring Selling Babies On Instagram For $1000

Human traffickers posing as ‘Family Welfare Institution’ shut down during major bust
A child trafficking network, that was selling children and babies for as little as $1000, has been shut down by police. The Indonesia-based human traffickers were advertising the infants for sale via an Instagram profile that claimed to sell children globally for upwards of $1,375AUD ($1,000USD).

Four people have been arrested for their involvement the child trafficking ring that posed as a seemingly official organization called “Family Welfare Institution.” The Instagram page for the group had over 100 posts that advertised children and babies for sale.

Some of the posts show images of, who were claimed to be, families and mothers of the children offered for sale and even pregnant women offering a baby that’s “available soon.”
“I am unmarried and seven months pregnant. My plan is to find someone who wants to adopt my child and provide me with accommodation until my pregnancy’s due date. I don’t want my family to find out,” one mother was quoted as saying.

The convincing operation claimed it was “helping to cover someone’s disgrace” by “connecting unwanted children with new families” and gave the appearance of a charity or adoption agency, when, in fact, it was selling children to anyone who paid the asking price. Investigators found that the traffickers have been selling Indonesian babies for over a year on the Facebook-owned social media platform.

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