Reporter Ben Swann Fired for Trying to Revive TV Show to Expose Elites

Mainstream Media news reporter Ben Swann has been fired after trying to revive his TV show “Reality Check.”

The CBS anchor was suspended last year after attempting to expose an elite pedophile ring during a news report on national TV.

The investigative journalist was taken off air in early 2017 for reporting on Pizzagate and claiming that it “wasn’t fake news.”

Shortly after his daring exposé, all of his social media accounts “went dark” and his show was canceled.

Now, Swann has been taken off the air again following efforts to revive his independent investigative operation he called Reality Check came to light.

ben swann was taken off air last year after reporting that  pizzagate isn t fake news © press
Ben Swann was taken off air last year after reporting that ‘Pizzagate isn’t fake news’
AJC reports: On Thursday night, Swann posted a video on Vimeo teasing about an upcoming new project he planned to announce next Tuesday. He only identified himself as an “investigative journalist” and did not reference his ties to CBS46.

The video by Friday morning had been seen more than 2,000 times. After CBS46 learned of the video, he was fired and the video removed from Vimeo. (The video is still available on Twitter.)

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