Victim Who Exposed Satanic Elite Pedophile Ring, Missing, Feared Dead

A child trafficking survivor who exposed a massive Satanic elite pedophile ring is missing and is now feared dead.
Fiona Barnett aka “Candy Girl” was thrust into the spotlight in 2014 when she named Nicole Kidman’s father Dr. Antony Kidman as a high-ranking member of a global child-killing pedophilia cult. Shortly after Barnett’s exposé, Dr. Kidman mysteriously died after fleeing to Singapore to escape accusations of his involvement in a child-murdering Satanic network in Sydney, Australia.
According to friends of Barnett, she has now been missing since September 2017 and is now feared dead.
One of her closest friends, who wishes to remain anonymous over safety concerns, says she has “completely disappeared,” adding: “She hasn’t been seen or heard from in months.
“Her phone is dead and she doesn’t reply to messages or emails. “Something isn’t right. “Even if she needed to go away for a while, she would let someone know where she was. “She wouldn’t leave people worrying about her. “She’s just not that sort of person.” Fiona Barnett says she was raped by ex-President Richard Nixon when she was a child

Fiona’s blog, Pedophiles Down Under, also hasn’t been updated since September last year.
Her last post was made on September 3rd and reported on the mysterious death of Dr. Victor Chang, who she believes was connected to a program of illegal experiments.
Her last post on her Facebook page was made on September the 5th and linked to a petition with a caption that read: “Sick and tired of Australian politicians and police trafficking children via DoCS, ASIO, military, family courts… This case seems horrific. evidence from 20 professionals dismissed by courts until the children are handed back to their alleged pedophile father? Er, why?”
Dr. Anthony Kidman was considered one of the most powerful and influential men in Australia with global connections in the upper echelons of the social and political spectrum.
Shortly before his sudden death in 2014, the wealthy doctor was accused of participating in ritual child sexual abuse and sacrifice, along with other high-ranking government officials, actors, and clergymen, by Fiona Barnett.
Following his death, the allegations were smothered by words of mourning from celebrities and powerful public figures and the criminal investigation was dropped as people doubted that someone so successful could be involved in such crimes.
In the wake of the Wikileaks Podesta emails released in 2016, the reality of elite pedophilia has been exposed, and renewed public interest in investigating the allegations into Dr. Kidman has been revived.
Fiona Barnett, who claims she was kidnapped by Kidman’s secret society as a child and was raped and abused by him, continued to lift the lid on the heinous crimes of the pedophilia network that she claims he was part of.  Fiona Barnett drew Dr. Antony Kidman’s Satanic charm which he carried as all times In September 2014, Fiona Barnett decided to set the record straight and blew the whistle in an article she wrote for Independent Australia, in which she revealed how Dr. Kidman fled to Singapore immediately after she filed complaints about being raped by him, and explained how he died shortly afterward whilst in hiding.
In her article she wrote:
“ON WHITE BALLOON DAY 2014, September 7, an event meaningful to me because it raises awareness for child sex assault victims, the main perpetrator of my childhood abuse, Antony Kidman, died suddenly in Singapore.
Yesterday, he had his funeral. “Kidman was, I allege, part of a Sydney-based paedophile ring of which I was a victim up until the age of 15.
“What is undisputed is that, at the time of his death, Kidman was under investigation by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC), the Psychology Council of NSW and, presumably, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse, as well as the police.
Since 1986, I have reported Kidman’s crimes to health professionals — none of whom adhered to mandatory reporting legislation, until 2008.
“In 2008, I reported Kidman’s involvement in a Sydney based paedophile ring to the NSW Police, specifically Justin Hadley, who is currently based at the Dee-Why station.
In 2013, I formally reported Kidman as a perpetrator of child abuse to the Royal Commission at a private hearing in Brisbane. Later in 2013, I made an application to the NSW Victims of Crime, naming Kidman and other perpetrators.
“NSW Victims of Crime used subpoenaed medical and other documents (dating back to over 20 years) to determine on the balance of probabilities that I was, indeed, a victim of crime. On 7 August 2014, at the suggestion of my NSW Victims of Crime appointed psychologist, I notified against Kidman to AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency) and the HCCC. “The HCCC and then the Psychology Council of NSW notified me they were investigating my complaint against Kidman. “Just over a month later, Kidman is dead.
“I am disappointed by Kidman’s sudden death which robs me of an official investigation into his crimes, but I am relieved that he is no longer in a position to harm other children.
I penned my original response to the news of Kidman’s death on the day he died, but before this could be published on IA my article was leaked and a distorted version of my testimony went viral, resulting in numerous media inquiries.
“For the record, I did not author the news stories and, although I was quoted in them, I was not interviewed.”
The allegations against Nicole Kidman’s father seem to have struck a raw nerve with people as it makes her role in Eyes Wide Shut even more sinister.

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  1. Don’t jump to conclusions.
    She was being harassed recently & posted the details of her harasser, it’s possible she’s just taking some time off, y’know? ..and neon nettle is a bullshit site, and this one doesn’t appear much better what with all these links below to spy-pics of girls asses & cheerleaders spreading their legs.
    You are part of the problem.

    • Do you have court documents if so can you present it to the white house if this is true..where are those victims? You reAlize if true this would ruin him

    • That was stupid, and a lie.Never said any such thing, and has been instrumental in getting a lot of pedos arrested, nests cleaned out. Leave it to a liberal. Don’t agree with somebody, they have to hate and destroy them.

  2. Do people really believe kid is de? I wouldn’t doubt that it as a fake death. He is likely in hiding like these cowards ike to do, because they refuse to admit what they do and don’t want to ay the consequenses.Cowards is what they all are.

  3. Fiona Barnett is an attention seeking, pathological liar and good riddance if she’s finally off the grid. She accused so many innocent people of horrific crimes, and exploited real victims for attention. She’s always insisted that SHE was part of an elite pedophile ring. Not just your average ring. No no. ELITE. SPECIAL. IMPORTANT. All of her accusations were aimed at ‘big names’ like prime ministers. Her own family knew she was full of shite.

    • Are u niave, ignorent or just plain stupid, 60 other witnesses gave the same testimony. Fiona has fukall family. These rings only operate successfully because they are ELITE,IMPORTANT people running them. To dismiss her and her claims in such away as u have makes u sound involved in some Lucy even ur real name

  4. Lucy you have no clue , over 25% of British members of parliament have raped little boys . keep your head in the sand and mouth shut until you bother to do 10 minutes Google searching ffs !

  5. Sounds like this little guy (also from a Polish background like Fiona, except in his case, he’s a Gipsy) we know called little Alex Dileo, also a well known pathological liar, always the victim.
    Alex claims he was sexually abused by a Kiwi deviant, called Arnold Eaton.
    Alex also claimed that Arnold Eaton worked with Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris in some kind of VIP British Commonwealth pedos club.(ring leader being Sir Ted Heath).
    Yes I think Alex and Fiona were both sexually abused by friends of their Polish Families, but not necessary by TOP SHELF Aristocrat pedos, probably just common & dull peasant Catholic people-but hey! Fiona & little Alex both live in the “Twilight Zone”!

  6. I think Luci&Dave are the same sick person.Have you even listened to cant write that stuff..and it has been hushed up her in Britain..I keep up to date with world events..and never heard of this..Theres more to it..and Fiona named names.
    Please post any there is nothing more on her wellbeing..I do hope Fiona is safe and well.

  7. Fiona Barnett exhibits all the symptoms of a paranoid schizophrenic & narcissist. Nothing this seriously mentally ill female has to say is true. As we all know neither Police, Government or Royal Commissions have acted on any of her invented & defamatory stories. The only place for this sick, vicious & tragic soul is permanent incarceration in a mental asylum where she can be medicated & supervised. I would suggest EEG treatment as an urgent necessity.

    • so easy for the enablers and sympathisers of pedos to call the victim a liar . No doubt Hells Pell called his victims liars; along with all the parents of his pedo pests victims liars as well as he told porkies to them to cover up his pedo fest activities. By the way, the catholic church has been farming out orphaned children to pew sitting kiddy fiddlers ( fee for service ) since WW11. What Fiona is saying is common knowledge in the social welfare sector where sex trafficking activity btw god bothers is typically disclosed. I understand the elite are god bothers themselves…Hardly a leap of faith to connect the god bothering elite pedos that Fiona identifies and those loitering around the local church on Sunday. Lets face it , hells pells climbed the ladder of importance while rotten to the core. So based on that person and ol rolfy harris , its not unreasonable to say that we can assume Kidman was rotten to the core also . He was a psychologist for god sake, they are as dodgey as dodge.

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