WikiLeaks Whistleblower Arrested On Child Pornography Charges

Joshua Adam Schulte is believed to behind WikiLeaks’ exposure of CIA hacking tools
A former CIA and NSA programme has been named as the alleged ‘Wikileaks source’ and has been charged stealing and leaking classified information to the whistleblowing agency and child possessing child pornography. Joshua Adam Schulte is believed to behind WikiLeaks’ exposure of the CIA’s hacking arsenal, which was published last year. Schulte, 29, was employed by the CIA’s Engineering Development Group and was responsible for designing the clandestine tools sued by the US intelligence agency to crack electronic devices in order to use them for surveillance. The prosecution believes Schulte left the agency in 2016 just before he stole highly sensitive classified materials from its computer network.

RT reports: In the indictment, filed by the US Attorney’s Office in New York’s Southern District on Monday, Shulte was charged with 13 counts of “alleged theft of classified defense information” from the CIA, which he then allegedly handed over to an unnamed third party, an organization that “purports to publicly disseminate classified, sensitive, and confidential information.” The programmer is also accused of storing and disseminating child pornography. A mind-boggling trove of 10,000 images and videos was discovered by FBI agents in an encrypted folder on Shulte’s personal computer during a raid on his property in August last year. Other charges relate to him spreading malware, lying to the FBI, obstructing justice and even one count of copyright infringement. The maximum possible penalty stemming from all the charges amounts to 135 years behind bars.

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