75 High-Ranking Government Officials Detained In Global Child Trafficking Bust

14-month investigation reveals elite establishment members involved

At least 75 people including high ranking government officials have been detained in Egypt following an investigation into child trafficking according to new developing reports.
The Administrative Control Authority, Egypt main anti-corruption body, has conducted a 14-month investigation which found high ranking government officials part of a massive global child trafficking ring.
Raids across the country saw mass arrests of defendants from the capital Cairo to the northern city of Kafr el-Sheik.
The child trafficking bust revealed defendants involved “bribery, profiting from public office, forging official documents, and human trafficking” among a host of other offenses.
The new law, which passed in 2016, to crack down on the human trafficking industry. The new legislation imposes prison terms and fines on those found guilty of smuggling potential migrants or acting as brokers or middlemen.
According to middleeastmonitor Doctors and nurses suspected of operating in a “large criminal network specialized in trading human organs and child trafficking” were detained by Egyptian authorities alongside 12 others.
According to a statement by the interior ministry the network allegedly agreed with Egyptians to transfer some of their organs to foreign patients in exchange for large sums of money and by doing so “exploited people’s financial need,” the interior ministry said, noting three doctors, four nurses, three hospital workers and two agents were detained.
The doctors and nurses that were detained were reportedly arrested “while they were carrying out an operation to remove the kidneys and part of the liver of a citizen in a private hospital” in the Giza province of Cairo.
President Donald Trump has vowed to free 25 million child sex slaves that are being held within elite pedophile rings globally.
With the recent announcement on the official White House website stating that 2018 will be the year the Trump administration takes down global human trafficking, the statement also named January as “National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.”

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