Bill Clinton’s Former Marine One Test Pilot Arrested On Pedophilia Charges

Steven Robert Setzer, a pilot who served on the crew of Marine One, the presidential helicopter, has been arrested and charged with multiple child sex crimes and is facing years in prison.

Setzer was put behind bars in May with a charge sheet including sexual exploitation of a minor, sodomy, enticing a child for indecent purposes, statutory rape, and aggravated child molestation.

Bill Clinton’s former Marine One test pilot has also been forced to shut down his aircraft charter company, Strategic Moves, due to complications surrounding his incarceration.

On Thursday, WBTV in Rowan County, NC broke the news of Setzer’s arrest and associated charges. This report was revealed due to the shuttering of Setzer’s company, an entire six months after the former Marine One pilot was accused of the sickening child sex crimes.

According to Setzer’s biography, in which be boasts of his ties to the former president and his friends, he learned a lot while supporting Bill Clinton’s flights around the world. Setzer claimed that he learned “precise attention to detail,” which assisted him in being able to achieve “excellence” for the elites who used his services.

One can only speculate about the details Slick Willy expected Setzer to handle while he was aboard the Marine One.

As a Marine One Maintenance Officer and Functional Test Pilot, Steve was one of a select team authorized to certify the President’s helicopter as safe for flight following a maintenance action, according to his bio.

Setzer is not the only pervert with whom Clinton has shared air miles.

The former president was among the most high-profile companions of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein aboard his notorious private jet, the Lolita Express. Clinton is accused of being one of the powerful elites who allegedly participated in Epstein’s illicit child sex trafficking network.

A contractor who worked at Epstein’s New Mexico ranch claimed yesterday that the property featured a life-sized statue of a crucified Jesus, a creepy eight-person party shower, and photographs of Bill Clinton with topless underage girls.


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