Child Abuse Investigator: I Was Silenced To Protect Theresa May

A former Child Abuse Inquiry panel member, Sharon Evans, has made ground breaking revelations in a controversial interview claiming that the inquiry ” stifled” her concerns about the investigation so Theresa May could become Prime Minister.
Sharon Evans is a child abuse survivor and journalist who founded children’s charity Dot Com, oversaw the child abuse investigation that was forced to issue an apology following the loss of vital evidence in the case was deleted from their servers.
Ms. Evans also claimed there was no independence whatsoever at the Inquiry, adding that the confidentiality clause which all panel members had to sign, actually prevented her and others from exposing the truth.
In an interview with talk radio, Sharon said: “I was taken to one side and it was made clear to me, I was told that Theresa May was going to be the Prime Minister, this inquiry was going to be part of this, and that if I didn’t toe the line and do as I was told, if I tried to get information out, I would be discredited by her advisors.”
Researchingreform reports: Ms Evans also claims that she was given a 23 page document which she was to take her cues from when speaking to the Home Affairs Select Committee.
The restrictions left her feeling unable to tell the Committee what she felt was the truth about the Inquiry and the way in which it was being governed.
In answer to the radio host’s question about who she felt was responsible for trying to suppress information, Ms Evans replied, The Home Office.
Ms Evans first came to the public’s attention for her initial attempts at speaking out about what she felt were internal conflicts within the Inquiry.
She also went head to head with then lead counsel Ben Emmerson, telling the Home Affairs Select Committee that Mr Emmerson had threatened and intimidated panel members whilst acting as interim Chair for the Inquiry.
Emmerson retaliated by telling the Committee that Evans had done “a great deal of damage” to the Inquiry.
The Home Office, which Miss Evans says is responsible for sweeping important information under the carpet, had previously sent Evans a letter accusing her of “extremely serious” breaches of confidentiality, a letter which the Home Affairs Committee went on to publish.

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  1. Typical the Pedophiles all closing rank to protect each other , disgusting , they sshould all be named and hung publicly as a warning to others , starting with the Coverupper May herself ,vile satanic bitch

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