Elite Network Of Pedophile Police Raped Children For Years As Dept Covered It Up

Explosive inside information into the sickening sex saga

Explosive inside information into the sickening sex saga which involved two former Louisville Metropolitan Police Department (LMPD) officers is now being exposed. The city commissioned former U.S. Attorney Kerry Harvey to investigate the LMPD Explorers program for children to find out if any sexual misconduct, abuse, and even rape were widespread with a police officer within the program. Two former LMPD officers have been charged with serious crimes as reports came flooding in from parents that children were being groomed and raped.

According to The Daily Sheeple: Brandon Wood…allegedly raped a teenage boy, both in [his] car and in a residence, and filmed the crime for the purposes of producing pornography. [Kenneth] Betts and Wood were police officer mentors in the Youth Explorer Program for kids who want to one day become law enforcement officers. It was inside the mentorship program that they are accused of finding their victims. The accusations were followed by lawsuits with one lawyer reportedly representing five victims abused by officers inside the Explorers program. Not only did parents accuse the police officers’ superiors of doing nothing about their criminal complaints, the Police Officers’ union also began to stonewall, filing a lawsuit in an attempt to prevent investigators from interviewing more cops.

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