Lithuanian Judge Jailed For Exposing International VIP Pedophile Ring

A former judge and MP has been arrested in Chicago after exposing an international network of elite pedophiles in Lithuania. 

47-year-old Neringa Venckiene thought she could seek refuge in the United States after she bravely blew the whistle on high ranking government pedophiles in her country.

AP reports: Unless the Trump administration intervenes, 47-year-old Neringa Venckiene could be sent back home within weeks.

“I never want to go back to Lithuania,” she told the AP by phone from jail, adding that she would embrace becoming a U.S. citizen.

The improbable story of how Venckiene, once a rising judicial star in Lithuania, ended up in a high-rise federal jail in downtown Chicago goes back a decade. For years, the drama enthralled and bitterly divided the Baltic Sea nation.

It involves the slaying of a fellow judge accused of molesting her 4-year-old niece; the death of Venckiene’s brother who leveled the accusation and was suspected in the murder; and Venckiene’s election to parliament after a burst of popularity as head of a new anti-pedophilia party named after her dead brother.

After fleeing Lithuania in 2013, Venckiene lived in the Chicago suburb of Crystal Lake with her teenage son, Karolis. She worked as a nursing-home aide, then a florist. She had documents allowing her to live and work legally in the U.S., but she turned herself in on Feb. 13 after learning American authorities were seeking her arrest on the Lithuanian charges.

Kathleen Miller, a friend of Venckiene’s from Crystal Lake, says Venckiene stood out as bright and kind. Over lunch or while grocery shopping together, she often spoke of the turmoil that engulfed her in Lithuania.

“Our whole family loves her,” Miller said. “It was a terrible shock when she was arrested.”

At the Metropolitan Correctional Center, which typically holds drug- and gun-crime suspects, Venckiene gets outside to a deck atop the 26-story jail for one hour each day. She plays basketball, goes to mass and reads a lot, she said. She has recently been reading “The Diary of Anne Frank,” written by the Jewish girl as she hid from Nazis in occupied Amsterdam.

Hollywood depictions of U.S. jails initially worried her, she said, but neither inmates nor guards have mistreated her.

“It’s better than what I have seen in movies,” she said. “I don’t want to sit in jail for crimes I didn’t commit. But it’s not that bad.”

Lithuania issued an arrest warrant in 2015. But American authorities haven’t explained why they arrested her only three years later.

If she is extradited, Venckiene says politically connected pedophiles would target her both for exposing their network and for campaigning on the issue in 2012, when her fledging party won seven parliamentary seats.

“They have no reason to have me back but to kill me,” said Venckiene, who also answered some questions by email.

There’s no history of extrajudicial killings in Lithuania, which restored independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 and now belongs to NATO and the European Union. Asked about Venckiene’s safety concerns, Lithuania prosecutors’ spokeswoman Rita Stundiene said she’d leave it to others “to evaluate her claims.”

Extradition documents highlight only a few charges, including stalking supposed pedophiles through a surveillance group Venckiene created and noncompliance with an order to relinquish custody of her niece. Her lawyers expect her to face dozens of charges if extradited, including disrespecting the dead.

Among the dead she allegedly disrespected by was Judge Jonas Furmanavicius, a colleague at the same Kaunas courthouse where Venckiene worked.

She and her brother, Drasius Kedys, had alleged Furmanavicius abused the 4-year-old based on a 2009 video in which she described several men molesting her. The girl’s mother is Kedys’ former girlfriend, and Kedys implicated her, too. Officials said evidence didn’t support those allegations or her claims about a pedophile ring.

On Oct. 5, 2009, the judge was shot dead near his home. Hours later, the sister of the girl’s mother was killed. Suspicion fell on Kedys, who disappeared and was found dead six months later. Investigators blamed his death on binge drinking while he was in hiding. But Venckiene says someone framed him for the murders before killing him.

Months after Kedys died, another man he had accused died falling off an all-terrain vehicle into a shallow pool of water. Investigators ruled it a drowning.

Some Lithuanians considered Kedys a vigilante hero. Many agreed he must have fabricated abuse allegations for leverage in a custody dispute with his ex-girlfriend. Others wondered why Kedys would commit revenge killings if he knew the allegations were false.

Legal pressure grew on Venckiene after May 17, 2012, when 250 police officers stormed her parents’ home where she was staying to enforce an order transferring custody of the niece to the girl’s mom. They pushed through crowds of Venckiene supporters and pried the niece from Venckiene as the girl screamed she wanted to stay.

Venckiene’s son, now 18 and studying law and history in an Illinois college, said his mom decided to flee in 2013 by driving to Germany with him and boarding a flight to Chicago after receiving death threats in Lithuania. They seemed credible, he said, because “people connected to the case were dying left and right.”

U.S. authorities say a treaty with Lithuania obliges them to extradite Venckiene. Arguing successfully in court for her to remain jailed, they said she could again flee, “embarrassing the United States in the conduct of its foreign affairs.”

Her lawyers argued that under U.S. law the Lithuanian charges, such as slander, would be either civil complaints or at most misdemeanors, and so aren’t grounds for extradition. But a judge ruled she could be extradited.

Venckiene’s hope is that the Department of State will agree to deem the charges politically driven, a designation that would halt extradition. But that would entail criticizing a staunch U.S. ally, which American officials may be reluctant to do.

A message left Tuesday seeking comment from the State Department wasn’t immediately returned.

Venckiene said she hasn’t spent time yet preparing herself emotionally in case she loses the extradition fight. She told the AP in one email from jail: “I still believe that in a democratic country, like U.S.A., I have an opportunity to prove my innocence.”



  1. Mrs. Venckiene is innocent, she is a victim of the Lithuanian KGB ruling the country by putting pedohile members of the government, the parliament, judges in their respective positions, so they can be blackmailed.

    “How the last witness of a pedophile scandal was „neutralized“ in Kaunas, Lithuania on May 17, 2012”
    A brutal and unprecedented violation of the “Convention on the Right of the Child”

    In the early morning of May 17, 2012, a numerous police force of about 300, wearing bullet-proof waists, wielding electro-shockers and gas-throwers, leading man-trained dogs, stormed the private home of a judge, who was protecting her niece, eight-year-old Deimante Kedyte, from imminent attacks by regime forces. Several dozens of unarmed demonstrators, mostly old people, women and children, had gathered before the house, awaiting the attack. Already on March 23, 2012 special units of pseudo-democratic police state Lithuania had tried to extract the helpless girl from her house by using brutal force. However, the police units withdraw, after an expert from the Kaunas board for the protection of children had intervened (a young woman, Vezbaviciute, who meanwhile has lost her work and is constantly being threatened by regime agents). However, already then the UN Convention on the rights of the child was seriously violated, not to mention the current events. This left no impression at all on the leading figures of the Lithuanian regime, which is ruled by former collaborators of the unlawful occupation Soviet regime, including the current Lithuanian president.\n\nThe second attempt at abducting the girl by force, was obviously very well planned to the minute detail. Under the pretext of enforcing an injunction of the former Soviet „People’s judge“ Ignatij Kondratjev (an ethnic Russion, acting on secret orders by his superiors in the secret police), according to which the girl had to be returnd to her biological mother, who had sold her, by the way, to pedophiles, bailiff Sonata Vaicekauskiene, clad all in red to demonstrate in public that the Soviet communist structures are still in power in Lithuania, turned up at 6:20 a.m. at the private home of judge Neringa Venckiene, accompanied by a horde of several hundred heavily armed state police forces. Although the private home of a judge is immune in Lithuania, to say nothing of the judge herself, this did not hinder the special police from smashing bullet-proof windows by heavy hammers, as they were not successful by using a motor-driven saw to cut open the entrance door, which was too heavily armed against any intrusion. As the demonstrators, who were singing the national anthem, waving the national flag, would not disperse, the attackers threatened them with the use of immobilizing gas, electro-shockers and even man-trained fighting dogs. Nevertheless, the demonstrators stood firmly, when a special squad of masked members of a anti-riot force, with black helmets and shields, turned up from the background, starting to beat and kick the demonstrators. Around 40 were kicked to the ground, beaten and torn away, the national flags were torn to pieces by these unidentifiable terror forces. Witnesses heard the members of the strike force, clad in black, speak Russian among themselves, which gives rise to the suspicion that the Lithuanian regime had „borrowed“ these inhuman KGB-troops from white-Russian dictator Lukashenko, with whom the Lithuanian regime is keeping up tight and very friendly relations.\n\nAfter beating many demonstrators, with fighting dogs barking at them, the riot squad, consisting of members of the Soviet militia of the unlawful occupational regime, fanatical followers of their superiors, leading collaborators with the Soviet occupational regime, formed a path, through which the mother of the girl to be „extracted“, Laimute Stankunaite, accompanied by masked members of the white-Russian KGB special unit and her advocate, the former „People’s judge“ Cerniauskas, paid for his „services“ by the Lithuanian state security service from the public budget, entered the house through a terrace window, which had been smashed before. The girl, in mortal terror, clung to the neck of her aunt, the judge Neringa Venckiene, weeping and crying, shouting several times aloud: „No, No, I will not go, no, go away you all, go away from me, leave me alone!“ Despite the immunity of a judge, she was maltreated, her hands turned to her back by brutal force, so that the mother could literally tore away the girl, crying aloud, from her aunt’s neck, assisted by her advocate and special KGB forces. All this left not the smallest impression on the ruthless and brutal Soviet henchmen. Although already in September 2009 the district court Vilnius had decided that criminal proceedings had to be instituted against the biological mother of the girl Deimante Kedyte, as she was suspected to have sold her daughter to pedophiles for a long period of time in her own apartment, the prosecution (ruled by the Lithuanian KGB, renamed „State Security Departement“) has all the years refused to comply with this court decision. Instead of instituting criminal proceedings, they persecuted the girl’s father, Drasius Kedys, who had uncovered the pedophile scandal and shown that there existed a widespread pedophile ring in Lithuania, among its members are high-ranking officials, government members, judges, prosecutors, leading figures of the Lithuanian KGB. As he would not give in, demanding publicly that those guilty of sexually abusing his daughter (in her mother’s apartment) had to be named and punished, influential circles behind the scene decided that he had to be silenced once and for all to prevent them from being detected – according to old-established KGB methods. He was abducted and brought to a secret bunker of past NKVD times, where he was brutally tortured, fingernails were torn out, bones were smashed and partially cut off, finally the torturers tied him into a straightjacket and drowned him in a nearby storage lake. Now only one „mission“ had still to be accomplished, the „neutralization“ (KGB jargon) of the last and most important witness, the little girl Deimante Kedyte.\n\nVideo clips and numerous photos prove impressively that the girl, who was putting up a desperate resistance, crying helplessly, kicking her legs, waving her arms, was torn out of the house by her mother, the advocate and a member of the secret police by using brutal force against the helpless victim, guarded by heavily armed special forces with black masks, only to stuff the girl seconds later relentlessly and brutally into a small bus of the Lithuanian Gestapo, windows darkened, where – according to witnesses, an elderly psychiatrist was already waiting with a syringe filled with an unknown liquid, which was injected into the crying and shouting girl, who was being brutally pressed to a seat by her mother and her advocate during this „procedure“. No one knows, where the girl‘s whereabouts are. For a while she was kept in the reanimation ward of Santariskes clinic (according to a witness), as her heart had stopped beating due to the injected liquid. Now rumors run that she is constantly being kept in a secret apartment, guarded by masked special agents, with drugs being injected to erase all memories from her mind, so that she would be completely „neutralized“ into vegetable state. This procedure was regularly implemented with dissidents and regime critics in former times, who were confined to secret psychiatric clinics located specially in private houses, terrorized and tortured by special KGB agents, calling themselves „psychiatrists“. As the regime has left untouched the complete apparatus and structures of the former unlawful occupational Soviet regime, including the militia, the KGB, the politbureau, the communist propaganda media, the communist judges, prosecutors, administration personnel, these „psychiatrists“ have, of course, also survived, only to carry on their inhuman, criminal black work against innocent citizen, this time against an innocent, helpless girl of eight years, not to mention the brutal and unprecedented violation of the Convention on the Right of the Child (United Nations, New York, November 20, 1989).

    The helpless girl is now dead – killed by merciless murderers of the pseudo-democratic police-state Lithuania on orders of their bolshevist superiors in order to finally protect their superiors – pedophiles in government, parliament and KGB

  2. Thr truth about Lithuania, “staunch ally of the US”

    EU member Lithuania – last stronghold of utterly corrupt communist collaborators
    The higher-ranking collaborators and senior officials of the former Third Reich in the occupied states of Western Europe were either executed after the war or sentenced to long prison terms, petty collaborators named and shamed in public as traitors of the native country (see attached picture) and excluded for life-time from all government or administrative functions, whereas nothing at all happened to the collaborators and senior officials of the Soviet-Russian unlawful occupational regime in pseudo-democratic police state Lithuania. Quite on the contrary, they were promoted into high and highest positions with the (tacit) connivance of institutions and officials of western Europe, revealing the high level of corruption and immorality in these institutions (e.g. Council of Europe, European Parliament, European Court of Human Rights, Court of the European Communities, alleged “Human Rights commissioner” etc.)
    The collaborators of the unlawful occupational regime in Lithuania (1940/41, 1945-1990) have taken over the complete judicial system (courts, judges, public prosecutors – leading collaborators being Pranas Kuris, last “People’s minister of justice” 1977-1990, and chief ideologist for “international law” Vilenas Vadapalas-Vodopolov” into the so-called „newly independent Lithuania“, as well as the KGB (renamed “state security agency”) with all professional killers, officers, employees, spies, and reserve officers, the soviet militia and its prominent figures, the civil servants of the unlawful occupational regime, members of the central committee of the communist party of occupied Lithuania, all petty and more important co-collaborators as well as disciples of leading collaborators. For some years the former communist Nomenklatura (with chief collaborator Algirdas Brazauskas as head of the communist party of the unlawful occupational regime of Lithuania) has been „privatizing“ (i.e. practically donating) not only strategic and key state enterprises (e.g. telecommunication and petro-chemistry) , but also the complete energy sector of the country to allegedly „private investors“, actually to deserved party comrades or their offspring, behind which, in fact, stand notorious Russian oligarchs (e.g. Gazprom). They have been effecting this in order to prepare a gradual re-transition into the Russian sphere of influence.
    According to reports from US secret service agencies there was the imminent danger of a takeover of political power in a certain central-east-European state by the organized crime – it is still a debatable question, whether Lithuania (prior to the parliamentary elections 2008) is the state meant in such reports.
    Although, in accordance with article 120 of the Lithuanian Penal Code (2010) collaboration is a crime: “A citizen of the Republic of Lithuania, who, during an occupation or annexation had assisted the organs of an unlawful regime in order to consoldidate this occupation or annexation, or had helped to quell the resistance of the inhabitants, or had in other ways be of service to the unlawful regime in order to act against the Lithuanian Republic, will be punished by up to five years imprisonment”. (Lithuanian original: „Lietuvos Respublikos pilietis, okupacijos ar aneksijos sąlygomis padėjęs neteisėtos valdžios struktūroms įtvirtinti okupaciją ar aneksiją, slopinti Lietuvos gyventojų pasipriešinimą arba kitaip talkinęs neteisėtai valdžiai veikti prieš Lietuvos Respubliką, baudžiamas laisvės atėmimu iki penkerių metų”).
    It is both striking and telling that this provision of the Lithuanian Penal Code, drawn up by an organ of the current regime, does not range among the more serious crimes, whereas collaborators in western European countries are considered to be traitors and betrayers of the people, liable to be punished by capital punishment, life imprisonment or at least long prison terms, always with the provision that these are strictly forbidden to hold any public office whatsoever. However, as the Penal Code of the independent Lithuanian Republic, valid “de jure” even throughout the period of the unlawful occupation of Lithuania, provided for the capital punishment of traitors (collaborators with the enemy were considered to be traitors), at least the leading and most prominent collaborators should have been tried and executed after the end of the unlawful occupation of Lithuania, just as it happened in western European countries after the end of the unlawful occupation by the Third Reich. Once again it is telling that nothing at all happened to this gang of traitors and betrayers of the people. Quite on the contrary, they stayed in the relevant offices as former collaborators, only managing to disguise themselves as “democratic”, founding alleged “democratic” parties, which obviously had sufficed that corrupt influential circles in European institutions had helped them to stay in power together with the whole system of the unlawful occupational regime, even promoting the most prominent collaborators to highest positions in the European legal hierarchy (European Court of Human Rights, Court of the European Communities – this being an ignominious scandal). This is why we earnestly request the responsible persons at the top of the pyramids of the corresponding European institutions including international law faculties of universities to purge themselves of all Lithuanian former collaborators of the unlawful occupational regime together with their disciples and offspring, also of all influence agents in the mass media and elsewhere, besides take resolute steps to make the Lithuanian regime dismiss all former collaborators (members of parliament, members of political parties, prosecutors, judges, KGB members, administrative personnel, militia officers etc.) from their relevant offices together with a confiscation of their property.’,
    Once again it is telling that nothing at all happened to this gang of traitors and betrayers of the people. Quite on the contrary, they stayed in the relevant offices as former collaborators, only managing to disguise themselves as “democratic”, founding alleged “democratic” parties, which obviously had sufficed that corrupt influential circles in European institutions had helped them to stay in power together with the whole system of the unlawful occupational regime, even promoting the most prominent collaborators to highest positions in the European legal hierarchy (European Court of Human Rights, Court of the European Communities – this being an ignominious scandal).

    Christian Nekvedavicius
    The Plenipotentiary of the Lithuanian Association for
    the Protection of Human Rights
    Wilhelmstr. 26
    D-48149 Münster

    • Well just like the good people of Lithuania & Germany or any other country, the people of USA never knew the corruption until President Trump was elected and now it’s all coming out—even the corruption worldwide! Because he is not part of the corruption, the CIA, Deep State & Shadow Government want to kill him-he is exposing it all: pedophilia, human trafficking, organ trafficking, drug/ gun running, murder, lucifarian/ satanic child ritual sacrafices, money laundering, kickbacks-pure robbery! Hopefully all will be exposed! Keep up your good work and we’ll keep working over here.

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