QAnon: Hillary Clinton Covered Up An Elite Pedophile Ring

Notorious White House leaker exposes major child abuse cover-up

As the calm before the storm begins to rapidly turn positively windy this week, infamous White House leaker QAnon has pointed followers to an elite pedophile ring investigation at the State Department in 2013 that was shut down and covered up by Hillary Clinton.
Posting from Q’s official Twitter account, @kill_rogue, the anonymous insider shared a video of an NBC report which detailed explosive revelations about an investigation into a child abuse and human trafficking network that was operating in Washington D.C. that was whitewashed in order to protect high-ranking officials.
The post was a link to the news footage on YouTube with the caption that simply read: “Hillary Clinton”
News has also begun to emerge that President Donald Trump is working with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to grant him an official pardon in return for information.
With the leaks from QAnon about Assange over the last few days being drip fed to the public, along with the latest Clinton pedo ring tweet, it’s now becoming clear that it is all related and may be the “calm before the storm” that Trump referenced in October.
The investigation by NBC was conducted in 2013, with the findings being swept under the carpet until it resurfaced again in 2017.
The report found that Clinton, then Secretary of State, covered up the investigation into high-profile politicians and an ambassador, with the conspiracy being exposed by leaked internal memos from the State Department. In the report, NBC News anchor announces, “Serious allegations concerning the State Department”, before Chuck Todd reveals the disturbing details of child sex abuse concealment by Hillary Clinton:

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